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Official Channels

If you are looking for information about the Suocéverse, or for official conversations and discussions about the development, here is the listing of official channels.


Official Wiki:

This site ( is the official Suocéverse wiki and has the highest priority of canonicity, including in the devel section for the betareaders with access. Unless otherwise indicated all information in this wiki is current canon, and can even decanon outdated stories.

Other Platforms:

  • The WAAPT wiki can contain information about the Suocéverse provided by the author and is considered semicanon at least.
    • Example: WAAPT articles about Guest Starring characters.
  • Some threads in PokéCommunity, Serebii Forums, Canalave Library and Fanficslandia can contain meta commentary by the author about the Suocéverse. Unless indicated otherwise, those statements can be considered semicanon at most.
    • Example: Serebii's Character Interviews.
  • The All the Tropes wiki can contain information about published works in the Suocéverse; since this information is mostly provided by third-party sources it should be considered fanon at most.
    • Example: pending.


Official Suocéverse-related announcements, including new story publications and leaves of absence, will be published at News (archive at Old News), as well as on my Mastodon account under the #suocéverse tag.

New fics are announced in News and in the community they are released in, for example Serebii Forum's announcement thread.


If you want to get in touch with me or talk some Suocéverse development, or contribute as a proofreader, or just worldbuilding general, this section describes various communication channels.

Jabber / XMPP Accounts

  • Venia.Silente at
  • VeniaSilente at

Mastodon Accounts

Suocéverse Chatrooms

  • suocéverse at
  • suocéverse at


  • XMPP: server at the pokémon-general and waapt-rp chatrooms.
  • Discord: Pokécommunity at the writers-desk chatroom.
  • Discord: Worldbuilding June at the general channels.
  • Forums: PokéCommunity as VeniaSilente.
  • Forums: Serebii Forums as VeniaSilente.
  • Forums: Fanficslandia as VeniaSilente.
  • e-mail: Request e-mail link via any of the aforementioned channels.

You can connect with a XMPP account at any service that provides them and a client software. including web frontends such as


Worldbuilding Elements

Published Material

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