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Eva Zor

Eva Zor is a male Pangoro and the protagonist of Owed Return . He is suspected to be a former court member of the Dunsunan Chariot of Igernen who fell in a dishonourable event and has since been on the run from the Dunsunan clans and from his elder brother, Avi Zor.



Eva has done lots of manual work and participated in the clan migrations, and has lots of endurance. He has worked lifting cargo in a mountainous area for months, and is shown to be able to carry large crates uphill on his own, whereas other Pokémon form into teams to ferry the cargo.

Not much is determined about Eva's fighting skills, other than he knows and is practised enough to hold his own in a group defense against a raid by Hell's Anoles. However it is stated that he lost an important fight, shortly after his evolution, and after that he has not taken part in highly personal fights onscreen.

Character History

For backstory see Backstory.

After becoming a Dunsunan outcast from a failure earlier in his life, Eva roamed from job to job, until years later he found himself part of the efforts of the Dunsunan clans to dig through Fugué Mountain. Over the following months, Eva had to quietly drop his life from every place where he went and migrate somewhere else, when masked inspectors from the Dunsunan clans showed up. ( Owed Return )

Several months later Eva manages to establish himself as a guard in one of the northern towns at the Jasjan Sea, preparing the Migration Wheel. It is while off-duty in this town that he comes to confront the Dunsunan inspectors who have been after him.



Eva Zor

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