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Hi everyone, I’m Venia Silente, a Pokémon fanfic author, developer and, as I like to call myself, “consulting worldbuilder”. I have been writing Pokémon fanfiction since at least 2008, and am now gathering my materials for the Pokémon fandom into my own interpretation:

The Suocéverse

In short, that's the 'verse / setting where my stories take place.

If you want a deeper or more technical view there's a number of articles on Lore, Character, Locations and Events that are available at various points, as well as treatises on character and setting's design; but for the here and now let's start with the stories.

This documentation wiki is being built from a lot of sources and it is primarily and heavily a work in progress. You might be interested in the quick&dirty brief if you want a first look at what is it about, News to see what is going on lately, the Worldbuilding Index for the various topics and features of the setting, or the Suocéverse Primer if you want a deeper look at how the setting is built.

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If you want to collaborate, take a look at the for information on how to become a proofreader and what to do once you do, as well as how to provide other kinds of support. You can also request access to the development documents, or send questions via a number of channels.

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