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Ravir Eisenhorth

Ravir Eisenhorth is a pivotal character in the recent history of the region of Suocé, being also one of the MCs of Interim. Hailing from western Suocé, Ravir is one of the most competent Trainers in the region, sporting the coveted (and considered dangerous) JALECO Elite Rank, and becomes the Champion of the region at some point in his lifetime.



Ravir is a male of about 21-22 yr of age (by “Interim(TBA) ) and about 1.78 m in height. He has skin tone and feature roughness akin to that of people of northern-Argentina and Paraguayan South-American immigrant and mestizos ethnicities, though his arms are somewhat leaner and “bonier” than the mean (despite his efforts to exercise). He has wide lips, eyes of a soft brown colour similar to that of beach sandbanks, and dark blue short and spiky hair.

Ravir mostly wears casual urban attire, though when it comes to work he dons clothes better suited to working in complicated environs, such as leather or denim. Because of his spiky hair, he almost never dons hats.

Because Ravir has worked with industrial machinery for a few years, by the time of Interim he already shows in his arms a few scars, wrinkles and spots from his use of machinery. His face is far better guarded, showing no signs of cuts or any other kind of accident.



During his years as a Trainer, Ravir has built up a reputation as a strong Trainer, joined by a team of Pokémon with surprising strength and fulminant technique. The preparation of his team has allowed him to involve himself in events that are at the level of police forces to handle, and even come out on top of threats such as the emergence of the Black Thumb Gang and the Cadrícean Draft, which have earned him a given amount of respect from the populace and of Trainers in the ranks of Ace and above.

Because of his experience in engineering, the skills of his team, and the respect he commanded, by the time of Interim he was deemed both by law enforcement and by Pokefutures a far too public and dangerous figure to try and combat or apprehend on their own. When the government pursued him during Registro Cero, it was under the consideration that he was the only Trainer in the region Pokefutures regarded to kill on sight if he ever opposed them.

Character History

This section deals with events not yet published in Suocéverse canon (as of the last update of this article).

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Ravir began his Journey long ago in the coastal town own Artilea, with an Elekid by his side. The first Pokémon he caught was a Poochyena, who was released years later, her position taken over by the Aron that would eventually become Aggron. Kirlia was caught early during Ravir's Second Journey and serves as the second-in-command, and is in charge of rotating the team.

Team: Ravir Eisenhorth
As seen last in: Interim


  • Sixth (unnamed, debut)
  • Interim(TBA) (main character)
  • Stars of Suocé(TBA)

Non-Suocéverse Appearances


  • Past the ME Epoch, most of Ravir's Pokémon but Electabuzz (Ravir) can theoretically Mega Evolve. This includes the at that point retired Cyanoger.
  • Cyanoger is, as of 2021, the only canonically nicknamed Pokémon Ravir has had.
    • Kirlia has a non-canonized nickname in the Rise to the Top storyline.
  • Ravir is the first human in approximately 2 M years to train a Lileep. In this respect Ravir's the counterpart of Steven Stone, the first human in 2 M years to train an Anorith.
Ravir Eisenhorth
Nov 17
Elite, Champion

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