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“Tagg” (real name R E D A C T E D) is a male Trainer featuring as a guest in Built for Risk . He is also one of the top staffers of the in-universe PEFE and a high ranked Unovan competitive Trainer.

He is a Guest Starring character authorship of fellow writer rmctagg09.



In the Suocéverse continuity, Tagg (real name redacted) is one of the founding members of PEFE. Right before the Pokefutures reveal, he and other two researchers were involved in investigating certain facilities in Angela, resulting in the direct exposition of the corporation. As a consequence of the fall of Pokefutures and the region of Angela, Tagg and the other two researchers had to go underground and acquire new identities such as this “Tagg” persona.

In the opening ceremony of the Lega Runa Battle Tower, Tagg enters the octagonal with his Pokémon and reaches one of the semifinal matches where he faces Machalí sol Linaros. ( Built for Risk ) For that match he sends out Roc. It is undetermined which of the two Trainers makes it to the finals, where they would face the winner of the semifinals match between Tracer and Lina whereas the losers would match each other.

Only the Pokémon and their fighting are showcased; Tagg himself does not appear in the story.

It is presumed that, a short time after the octagonal, Tagg would be the PEFE founder to try and recruit Machalí sol Linaros to their group (and potentially to the Suocéverse equivalent to the J-Team).

At some time between the events of GenⅠ and GenⅡ, Tagg and his team were hosted in a location somewhere between unova and Emisre as they were resting from a tournament. Tagg gave his team some time to rest and explore in the wild areas around, where they were confronted by the Piutá March on their way to join Rayquaza's raid on Emisre. The visitors seek out Tagg's team so they can recruit Roc into their command chain ( Asking for Roc ).

This section deals with events not yet published in Suocéverse canon (as of the last update of this article).

End spoilers.



On-hand team ( Tagg )
“ | On Hand

4× ???? members
As seen in: Built for Risk (guest)
On-hand team ( Tagg )
” | On Hand






As seen in: Asking for Roc

:?: Main/WordOfSaintPaul from rmctagg09 himself has it that his Suocéverse incarnation “probably has all the mons RP!Tagg has minus the odder ones like Victini or Limna at least”. This would make it likely that Pokémon such as Venusaur (Tagg), Muddy, Draca, Gaia, Coulomb, Helios, Pica or Raichu among other renowned Pokémon from the author could make it in.



See Tagg. His handler is rmctagg09, a WAAPT member and staffer.

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