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Entomia Alcazar

The flying fortress Entomia Alcazar is a crystalline formation about four hundred meters in height, that exists in the far future of the Suocéverse's PMD world and guards access to that dimension's lower world. The fortress is made entirely of crystal and floats above the empty sea by undisclosed means: some suspect a strong surge of Ghosthodric energy projection from an artifact captured inside to be the source of its levitation, whereas others suspect the fortress itself is built and hung around a portal that connects directly to the Museum Dimension and draws energy from it.

According to myth, the Entomia was grown under the earth for several thousand years until it was made to emerge by a Pokémon, presumably that verse's Groudon, to be used as a jail to contain an undetermined evil Pokémon. However, after that Pokémon died, the jail was left vacant and remained unused for a couple hundred years, until the primary dimension's Zygarde migrated from that world and made use of the Entomia as his own personal fortress.

From the Entomia, Zygarde watches over the various canals that connect the Suocéverse dimensions to the Museum Dimension, readying himself for the last attacks against the threat of the Countless. Among other things, the energetic properties of the fortress allow Zygarde to even keep an eye on world located in other multiverses, such as WAAPT's PMD and OU timelines.


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