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The Zygardians are a group of Pokémon of a number of species in the Suocéverse that share some unique traits and unique evolution trees. They are named for their most well-known member in-universe, Zygarde (Kalos).

Zygardians are one of the largest divergences from canon in Suocéverse design, hailing from plans laid out during early G6 release when an eventual “Pokémon Z” (or “Pokémon X2 / Y2”) was expected. After Zygarde went unused in G6 games and a concept of cores and formes was added and later used for a small plot in G7, it was decided for the Suocéverse to continue with the author's original take on the concept.


In the Suocéverse interpretation of Zygarde and its related formes and elements (such as the Zygarde Core) the Zygarde we know under that name (the serpent forme or “50% forme”) is but an individual of the species of the original Zygarde cores. The Zygarde Core is one of the original species of a group with similar evolutive characteristics.

Zygarde-100%, aka “Complete Zygarde”, is reinterpreted as a Megazord-style fusion between progress formes so that the fusion accounts for 3 to 5 Cores.

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