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Zygarde (Kalos)

Zygarde is a wyrm Dragon-type and Legendary Super-Pokémon, and the only known specimen of its species (the Zygardians) left in mainline Suocéverse contemporary to the mainline events. Together with Rayquaza and the siblings Reshiram and Zekrom, they are worshipped by distinct parties as the kings or drivers of Dragonkind.



This Zygarde specimen is among the oldest Pokémon known, having lived in the Pokémon World since as far back as the time of the Destruction Rain from the Heavens, where the first records of it appear. Zygarde's origins and purpose are undetermined, for he keeps most of his operations secret and plans for a very long term, in the order of hundreds of years at a time, making his intervention barely noticeable for humans or Pokémon with a lifespan similar to humans.

Zygarde arose as the Pokémon who took charge of protecting the continent where Kalos is; however like the various others he was forced to fall back due to the ferocity of the cosmic events. Zygarde believed that a force foreign to the Pokémon world, naming themselves “The Countless”, was responsible for the Rain as well as other events detrimental to the Pokémon World as a whole, and would eventually attempt to use the position of humans as a protected species and their warring technology of world-wide reach, to bring in grievous harm to Pokémonkind as a whole.

When it was suggested that the release of the Warring Triad could help protect the world due to their extreme terramorphing power, Zygarde was among the Pokémon who voted against due to this fear, but nevertheless supported the operation once the final votes were cast in favor, and prepared accordingly ( “Suocéverse Legends:!: N/A? ).

After the members of the Warring Triad each went their own way, Zygarde managed to recruit back Rayquaza who had gone to sulk at the tropic. Zygarde informed the fellow Dragon-type about his suspicion that the Rain was an event similar to the Purges that Rayquaza had survived in the primeval times of the world, and that likely the same entities behind it were responsible. Zygarde promised Rayquaza power to challenge even the Lake Trio if he contributed in his scheme for combating the Rain, and thus Rayquaza flew to live in high atmosphere, blasting and eating the meteorites that threatened the world.

Some time after the Rain ended, Zygarde helped establish new ecosystems for Pokémon coming out of hiding and looking to establish themselves in the world. At some point, he also welcomed a colony of migrant Pokémon from beyond the stars, who were looking to the Pokémon World for asylum after their own planet was destroyed ( “Suocéverse Legends:!: N/A? ). Zygarde selected a remote island in the southern hemisphere and granted these Pokémon asylum there, in what would millennia down the road become the northerlands of Suocé. Eventually, Zygarde contributed in hiding records of the sealing place of the Lake Trio and the assignment of specific regions where humans would be allowed to fully thrive, and then turned its attention to looking for a place for itself in the world.

Several years later, Zygarde migrated to a region north of what would be modern day Kalos, where it mingled with two other unique Pokémon Xerneas and Yveltal. As time went on, the three would later become known as a Legendary Trio of their own.


With the coming of the The Present Era eventually came down the Kalos War in ~700 PE, and as a result of it, Zygarde, Xerneas and Yveltal moved down to the devastated region to help it back on its feet. The three Pokémon eventually disappeared into the fog of time, though ever since Zygarde has remained active, still laying out plans for the world.

After the reawakening of the Weather Trio in 3733 PE, Zygarde had renewed concerns about the identity and reach of The Countless. His suspicions that these agents would look to destabilize the Pokémon world by spurring humans into attacking various Legendaries was confirmed after the Battle of Mirtadenal of 3735 and the awakening of the Lake Trio of 3736. As a result, Zygarde started in 3737 the next phase of his long term plans to render all of humankind's world-destroying technology inoperable, and to this end he leaked the location of the Flower WEPON used during the Kalos War to Team Flare ( “Guild of Rienna(TBA) ).

In the very far future of the Suocéverse, Zygarde has moved across dimensions and established himself in the PMD dimension's Entomia Alcazar with some followers. Presumably he's there filling in for the then missing Zygarde of that dimension.


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