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Zero Registry

This section deals with events not yet published in Suocéverse canon (as of the last update of this article).

The “Registro Cero” (“Zero Registry” in English), also called the Level Zero Threat Assessment Brief, was one of the darkest chapters in recent backstory of Suocé and is tightly integrated with the backstories of characters such as Ravir Eisenhorth and Machalí sol Linaros. The Registry itself is a Threat Assessment Brief compiled in Suocé in year 3728 by the National Conference League, the Special Operations Police and the Suocé Elite Four to enumerate some of the top tier local Trainers that could pose threat to societal order in the region.

The document is a listing and categorization of eleven (11) Pokémon Trainers from the Suocé region and was built from a number of sources, most of them tied to information recovered or seized during the Fall of Pokefutures, including recruitment plans, psychological profiles, battle proficiency assessments, records of private communications, etc. Pokefutures originally intended to use this information to recruit such powerful and capable Trainers to their ranks by any of a number of their proxies, and eventually lead them into research and operations for the conglomerate.

These Trainers were chosen because their combined capacity put them, in the words of some Pokefutures offices, in the realm of “securing the power of small city-states for the Corporation”.

Trainers in Record

  1. One unrevealed Trainer
  2. One unrevealed Trainer
  3. One unrevealed Trainer
  4. One unrevealed Trainer
  5. One unrevealed Trainer
  6. One unrevealed Trainer
  7. One unrevealed Trainer

Operation Book Zero

With the fall of Pokefutures, the intentions of the conglomerate regarding the records were leaked to the public, as were most of the documents that the Suocé Government eventually used to assemble the threat brief.

Facing political pressure from all sides, knowing that if Pokefutures could not recruit those Trainers other private or foreign agencies would be quick to try, the Government hastily built a threat assessment folder from which the decision was made to launch an emergency operation called Operation Book Zero, whose purpose was to “isolate and apprehend the Trainers, preventing [them] from leaving the country or sheltering in corporate facilities by use of state-sponsored force if necessary”. Unfortunately, Pokefutures' overselling of their plans and an eagerness of officials at various layers to execute a shocking, proficient response on an election year, prompted a harsh and exaggerated response by enforcement officials in their first approaches to the targeted Trainers, which eventually escalated the conflict.

Once the first few Trainers were arrested and isolated, the rest quickly gained understanding of the situation thanks to further leakage of documents. In their eyes, the legislature and the Conference League had turned on them and were trying to sacrifice them in order to validate the “stature” of the region's Pokémon League and placate an overeager government branch. The Trainers suddenly were left with no perceived allies in a confrontation against all of law enforcement, Pokefutures splinters and corporate hunters.


Four weeks after, with the situation already tense and five of the eleven Trainers still at large, two unexpected events prompted a schism in the execution of Operation Book Zero. First, while attempting to hunt down high-risk Trainer Silgra ins Bertel, the Trainer managed to ambush a SWAT team sent to capture her; one of the SWAT officers and one of their Pokémon died in the confrontation, the first and only direct casualties in the conflict. Less than 48 hours later, another SWAT team intercepted agents of a foreign agency in the neighbourhood of Ravir Eisenhorth's family and, assuming that the Trainer was trying to offer foreign allegiances, they engaged in combat without consulting with their HQ. During the confrontation, Ravir's father and his younger brother Megrez Eisenhorth were severely injured, prompting the Trainer to switch to lethal response. A third of the entire SWAT team was left injured or maimed and the Trainer left an ultimatum to the media and the Suocé government before escaping. These two events prompted all of the five remaining Trainers to resort to lethal force upon provocation and to avoid urban areas, but also turned public opinion strongly against the government response after comparing the current results to the worldwide mess.

After a week of careful operations, one Trainer was captured while they were trying to fend off a Pokefutures splinter cell and another Trainer was captured trying to leave Pradeimie; the latter operation taking place within the confines of the Cadrícean Widefields Sovereignty led an angered response of the leader of the Guardian Forces, Terrakion, who was not looking the human response to the event any favourably after Virizion had already led a military draft in response to the Fall. Suddenly the Government had to add the potential of a Sovereignty turning against them to the ongoing conflict.

A series of Congressional Hearings was scheduled to take place where the directives of Operation Book Zero would be unveiled and revised, and a request would be made for a foreign peace force from Caledoria to manage the conflict. This scared a number of rogue League officials into destroying various documents of projects unrelated to the event. Another of the Trainers in the Registry, Machalí sol Linaros, attacked a government facility and leaked information tying recent Government and League disagreements to dealings with the International Frontier Board, which further mined trust between the League and the Government until the relationship was no longer tenable.


Two weeks later and after the capture of Silgra, only Ravir Eisenhorth and Machalí sol Linaros remained at large and the government proving incapable of earning their goodwill. After a round of hearings and considering the failure to close the intervention peacefully, the then-President of Suocé issued an emergency mandate to cancel Operation Book Zero, arrest all personnel that had participated in the elaboration of the brief and send the nine already captured Trainers to neutral ground in the Caledorian embassy where they could safely wait for a political conclusion to the matter.

After a week of hearings, the local Conference, the Ascapian League was cancelled without plans to resume, leaving 10 Gym Facilities and over 4,500 Trainers out to aimlessly wander in the open. With news that the incumbent Champion of the League, Nadia Shepard, had disappeared in the conflict, the President of Suocé handed over her resignation both from office and from the political arena.

As luck would have it, Pokefutures and the Suocé Government were right in holding Ravir and Machalí as the most dangerous threats in the region, just not in the way they expected.

Champion Nadia Shepard had been eyeing an even larger threat to the region when she disappeared, and she used the two Trainers left as bait to force the assailants to reveal themselves ( “Interim(TBA) ). The threat was effectively contained, and eventually Ravir and Machalí would become prime candidates to succeed Nadia in the position of Champion. It would be Ravir who would end up securing the role, though Machalí would be keeping an eye behind.

Ravir would prove his credentials by single-handedly liberating the city of Désona during their siege under a Black Thumb resurgence, whereas Machalí would lead the closure of the war between the La Plancha Sovereignty and the Ísparus Draconic Claim. Moreover, under the direct influence of these two Trainers, very strong Trainers would emerge such as Adanei Varan and Thom Eisenhorth who would later overtake the resumed Ascapean Conference League.

Trainer Listing

The following Trainers were listed in the Brief, in relative ascending order of Threat Level. The operation was closed after eight weeks of hunting down.

Identity Threat Assessment Status
Six (6) unidentified Trainers City-wide or Municipality-wide All captured in the first four weeks,
after various smaller operations.
These Trainers were found to be of high combat proficiency and to also have a strong pull and popularity in the Trainer marketplace. They were all opting to famous colleges or institutes by the time the Fall of Pokefutures took place.
One (1) unnamed Trainer City-wide Fought only once.
Captured on the fifth week of operation.

One unnamed Trainer who had escaped notice for the first few weeks, was apprehended together with the Pokefutures splinter cell sent to capture him when he was trying to fend them off while in transit.


The capture and interview of this Trainer would have been key to clearing the misunderstanding with the government and convincing both LEOs and the Trainers to de-escalate the conflict, but unfortunately only a few days after a confrontation against Silgra (below) would seal any chances to peacefully conclude the Operation.

Talea Covarrubias Municipality-wide or Province-wide Fought a few times.
Captured on the fifth week.

Talea was one of four Trainers in the Registry who were already holding a job with public presence when the Operation hit. With the support of her employer she first attempted to resolve her situation via the courts, but the capture of fellow Trainers later convinced her to go under and seek a way to leave the country.


The later incident where Ravir Eisenhorth's family was hurt forced her hand and she sought acquaintances in the Cadrícean Sovereignty to aid her escape. She was arrested while trying to leave Pradeimie for the wilderness, but her capture in this circumstances instead of law enforcement to wait for her to reach the border, drew the ire of local guardian Terrakion, and further incensed public opinion about the conflict.

Silgra ins Bertel Province-wide Fought several times, with one deceased.
Captured on the sixth week of operation.

Silgra was one of the few Trainers in the regular circuit that had a strong combination of high sports-grade performance, military training background and recorded experience in fighting a Legendary Pokémon. Previous to Ravir Eisenhorth (below) taking the National Conference by assault, Silgra was considered an overpowered Trainer excelling in most areas and her records in multiseat battles matched her to the same bracket that renowned Trainers such as Lt. Surge (of similar military background) held.


In an unfortunate turn of events that would seal the fate of the Operation, a SWAT officer and one of their Pokémon were killed by debris while she was resisting capture. Convinced that police forces would only continue with lethal force from there on, Silgra switched to turn her own strategies towards use of lethal force, inspiring other Trainers to do the same. In the end, she would face her own colleagues of military background when they came chasing her, and despite her capture she went with them without further resistance as she was convinced that they would follow a more thorough investigation than what public police had done.

Machalí sol Linaros Province or Region-wide Fought several times, with important damage to infrastructure.
Never captured.

Machalí was already a powerful Trainer by the time of the Fall of Pokefutures and was well known for training his Pokémon to be incredibly effective even without his intervention. Unbeknownst to the Corporation and to Machalí himself, he had already participated with foreign Trainers in revealing the activities of Pokefutures and hunting down some of their assets. Caught interest of Pokefutures after he sought an intership in Kanto's international training program with renowned Gym Leader Leonardo Giovanni.


Due to his recurrent and profound research of the Nidoran species, deep enough that the La Plancha colony in the Sovereignty held him as a valuable asset, he was considered a threat of provincial reach as he was theoretically capable of training entire hordes of members of the species. In a rather sick twist of fate, this would come to pass a few years later when his ex-Starter, Nidoqueen Inka would usurp rule of the La Plancha Sovereignty and then lead their faction in concluding the two-year war against the Ísparus Draconic Claim.

Ravir Eisenhorth Province or Region-wide Fought several times resulting in non-trivial amount of injured personnel.
Never captured.

Ravir was a tremendously capable Trainer by the time of the Fall of Pokefutures and concurrent to those events he was considered by the Elite Four one of the three Trainers with the highest progress rate in the entire region. Not only he had conquered the National Conference Tournament a couple of times and represented the country in a few international tournaments, but he had been the (public) face of the disbandment of local Evil Team Black Thumb Gang few years prior and had since turned to roaming the northern provinces working as auditor for a number of industrial facilities.


Pokefutures looked to Ravir as a strong prospect due to his value as a liked, famous and trusted figure in public relations in the eastern Suocé seaboard after the takedown of Black Thumb.


At the same time, Pokefutures feared that Ravir and his family would easily turn to attack them unless they controlled his education and his access to information, so their first plan was to assign him to high-grade fossil studies in Estracura to keep him off the region for a while while still being productive. Added to that, he was the only Trainer in the registry to be tagged for termination “without qualms” should Pokefutures' activities be revealed to the public and had he taken active opposition against the Corporation.

End spoilers.


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