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Zekrom is one of two Pokémon of the Tao Duo living in Mainline Suocéverse and has Reshiram as a counterpart. For information on the species in general see Zekrom (data).



Zekrom is a trusting but calculating individual, who enjoys showing off his leadership position above others. He takes care of what is present, immediate or pending. In Tastes Anew it is made apparent that he is the more overt and rule-bound of the two siblings, as he uses his power to coerce his acolytes as soon as he's given an excuse, but does so only as a show of power and otherwise allows them to report on current matters as they see fit.

He's a believer in ideals, which he interprets as plans and preparations to change the reality of an object, and the acceptance that doing so requires accepting change and malleability. His rule-bound personality gives credence to the tales that he and Reshiram used to raze down the kingdoms of those who would “follow foolish ideals”.

It was Zekrom who was woken up by N's plight in the events of Mainline “Black & White”, codifying Black as the “canon” version of events in the Suocéverse mainline.


Zekrom's skills and powers are mostly like what is seen in mainline games and anime.

Using his jet-like tail to gather energy and function as a reactor, Zekrom can take off and fly at tremendous speeds, and he's shown at least once onscreen to break the sound barrier.

As a Legendary Pokémon and one among the highest orders, Reshiram and Zekrom can exalt their followers and brand them with their own power.

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See Tao Duo.



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