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Yarade LeBlanc

Yarade LeBlanc is an experienced Trainer and the unofficial leader of the Elite Four of the Suocé region, and Commodore Second of the Suocé Navy Forces.


Character History

This section deals with events not yet published in Suocéverse canon (as of the last update of this article).

Yarade was assigned the rank of Commodore Second of the national Navy sometime ca. 3724. Presumably she was already an E4 by this point, and the nomination did not prompt concerns about conflicts of interest in the beginning.

During her tenure, she often scuffled with Nadia Shepard regarding the latter's more detached involvement in examining threats to the region: Yarade often accused Nadia of pursuing theoretical or esoteric threats, whereas Nadia often saw Yarade's dual rank and her position on national politics as a hindrance for the task of actually promoting confidence in higher-level Trainers including the E4.

Yarade was occupied with joint operations with the Caledoria Navy in the western coast when Pokefutures fell, dragging many corporate elements down with it. While other members of the E4 (in particular Domingo Reubens) went into particular assignments to deal with the crisis, Yarade was stationed with the task of preserving relationships with Caledoria.

When, as a product of the Pokefutures reveal, the cabinet of President Gladys Farmalle launched Operation Registro Cero, Yarade correctly deduced that an intervention against high-level Trainers trusted by the community could lead to social unrest that would weaken the country against the enemies Nadia had predicted would come. She used some underground influences to place personnel of her trust in the military unit tasked with hunting down Ravir Eisenhorth and Machalí sol Linaros when they resurfaced in northern Cadrícea, so that they would “switch sides” and align with the Trainer as soon as any hint of a higher threat manifested ( “Interim(TBA) ).

By 3729 she and the rest of the E4 were challenged by both Ravir and Machalí. A short time after, Ravir was selected as the new Champion of the region of Suocé.

End spoilers.




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Yarade LeBlanc
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