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The Suocéverse as a 'verse has been cooking since 2009.

% “ Cuasi Legendario ” was the first story to canonically take place in the Suocéverse, although at the time the verse itself was not named.

% “ Cuasi Legendario ” and “ Unfit ” are the only stories where all characters go unnamed.

% “ “Silly Human, Romance is for Nidoran~:!: N/A? ” was nominated for Best Comedy 2015 in Serebii's Fanfiction Awards.

% “ As They Were ” was originally intended to debut Nadia Shepard, but the scene had to be removed due to time constraints.

% “ Overlord ” is not Giovanni's debut in the Suocéverse; he had showed up before in the now-aborted “ “Elusive Goals:!: N/A? ”.

% The lead computer OS in the Suocéverse is Linux(-esque) distributions with names in the form “Adjective Pokémon” (eg.: Tenebrant Trapinch), much like Ubuntu's "Adjective Animal" naming scheme (eg.: Trusty Tahr).

% In some Cubone tribes, members name their club after their dead parent; others calling their club by name is considered an offense.

% As full-line monotype Dragons in the Dragon egg group, the Axew, Druddigon and Goomy species enjoy special privileges in the territories of the Dragonspiral Moors Sovereignty.

% Berecien and Eltenios hold the record for cross-continuity appearances, interpretations of them showing up across various the continuities of Fledglings (including Casting Off), Wild Pokémon in the Big City, Guiding Light and We Are All Pokémon Trainers.

% Eltenios (or rather, an adaption of his original character concept) co-stars in SpitefulMurkrow's Fledglings.

% Lugia can fire a beam attack with enough accuracy to hit and wreck a village-sized airship target at a distance of about 4 km.

% Rayquaza can fire a beam attack with enough punch and accuracy to pierce through a line of city-wide military energy shields from a distance of about 45 km above ground, just under the edge of the Mesosphere.

% The oldest (non-divine) Pokémon in the Suocéverse might be Zygarde, with ~6000 years of age; whereas the longest lived would be Kyogre who has been flapping around since the Third Era, ~2M years ago.

The Original Dragon doesn't count since it was split.

% Shahinne has an early bird cameo in We Are All Pokémon Trainers – eventually turned into a guest role.

% Ichtacya has an early bird cameo in We Are All Pokémon Trainers – eventually turned into a guest role.

% The rulers of the Cadrícean Widefields Sovereignty were originally intended to be a Gerbil Trio, but this was changed to a Muskedeer Trio after the context for the departure of Ho-Oh and Lugia was developed. Hints of this remain in the first release of Playfield.

% A Trainer who wins their regional Conference and has show a good service record might get a one-time invite to challenge the Elite Four (or, in certain cases, might be challenged by the Elite Four directly).

% Steven Stone is the first Trainer in approx. 2 million years to train an Anorith.

% Mewtwo was created in yr. 3732 PE, making it the youngest Legendary in the Suocéverse.


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