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Volyrina is a female Axew in the PMD world, a foreigner from the northern mountains that immigrates into Post Town and establishes there Team Idílljrot. She takes on the role of the canon “partner” of the Gates to Infinity plotline in the Suocéverse.



During the time of the Gates to Infinity plotline, Volyrina can be described as homely, distrustful, mission-oriented and sometimes testy. Her experiences trying to find jobs to buy her own patch only to end up getting scammed, have not only left her with general lack of trust towards other people and a strong focus on inventorying her belongings (of which she doesn't even have that many), but also with a skewed compass to judge other people's character.

Once she manages to finally settle on a house of her own, even if the domain is shared with Feremiz, Volyrina starts showing her homely side and strongly attaching to the material place. She tidies it up and organizes it to her own liking, ignoring or not even asking for Feremiz's opinions as seen in Where we Live and Work. She also likes to stay around whenever possible and sends Feremiz and his teammates to cover for the quota of quests the team needs to run.

That said, she does not fully ignore Feremiz and considers him a valuable company. It is telling that she did not ditch him as soon as she got the patch of land (which would have turned her into a boomerang scammer), and that she honestly wants to help him find the three-headed dragon they're looking for, to the point she starts re-studying the case of her own scams and focusing on Team management tasks to learn how to find and track people down ( Where We Live And Work ).

As with other people who partnered with a human during the time of Gates…, under normal Circumstances Erishkeryá's spell would have caused Volyrina to forget about Feremiz once he is returned to his world; however, the Voice of Life allows Volyrina and her team to remember him. Would she have forgotten she would likely have returned to her more mission-oriented self and focused on distancing further from her former Axew clan, rather than attempting to rejoin in a now fixed world.


Character History

Before "Gates to Infinity"

This section deals with events not yet published in Suocéverse canon (as of the last update of this article).
For details about Volyrina's backstory check Volyrina/Backstory.

End spoilers.


After Volyrina and Feremiz meet, she decides to recruit him, offering her services in locating a particular three-headed dragon in exchange for his aid as the muscle to assist her business plan while she dedicates to the logistics and the finances. Most of the many odd jobs that Quagsire hands over to the team, she leaves Feremiz to handle.

Due to various circumstances the two of them end up extending the team far beyond Volyrina's initial expectations, including a few locals first, then a wanderer Virizion adventurer, and finally an Espeon and Umbreon who are researching the phenomena of “Magnagates”. The plot of Gates… eventually leads this team to the Glacier Palace, where they are warned by Kyurem to not continue their treasure search.

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