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Typed Energy

Energy in flowing form has type (or rather, Type) and some Pokémon are more attuned to draw in, synth or convert given types of energy. The distinction between Energy Types is similar to, but mechanically different than, the distinction made IRL between eg.: Kinetic energy versus Potential energy.

The concept is drawn from the Trading Card Game (TCG), where Energy for attacks is defined to work by collecting in discrete quantities (“damage counters”) that have a given Type.

Energy types are defined to correspond to the number of Arceus’ Plates, stated in-universe to be “about 20” to ease integration of future Generations.

Acquisition and Storage

A Pokémon can siphon and store energy of -for the most part- any Type into its body and store it for later use via the adequate Omnicrystal, a structure in their body that can draw and super-compress energy of a given Type. A Pokémon can not for example “swallow” Fire attacks to receive Fire-type energy - that is very much not a good idea; it is possible however to draw in Fire-type energy that is left loose after an attack connects or is otherwise dispelled, for example a Pokémon can, after being attacked with a Surf, draw out some loose Water-type energy from the water that has been spread out and store that energy for later use.

Do note here that the operative word is “later use”. A Pokémon can not (reasonably) draw Water-type energy let loose after a Surf and use it to immediately feed its own Hydro Pump, though it could, if mastered the required hydrokinetics, use the loose Water-type energy to draw in some of the water, and use that to help form a Water Pulse later on. What this does is it saves the Pokémon having to spend energy to defold their own Water-type energy to convert it into water mass, though that energy is spent drawing water as an external resource instead.

Energy having Type is a result of that energy being “used”, that is, being projected into objects and transferred or used to exert force just like kinetic energy would. However, energy can not retain its type while it is not being in use, and thus energy that is left aimless for a long time “decays” into what is known as Typeless Energy.


Meganium being “Grass-type” for example means its physiology is tuned to synth and release Grass-type energy. Because they can do this much more efficiently than Pokémon tuned for types, they get a greater power throughput spending the same amount of effort - ie.: STAB.

Also this allows to hook well into eg.: δPokémon if they are used.

Gems are large crystals that can store and release energy of a certain type. Their composition is similar in certain respects to that of an omnicrystal, though the two are not fully interoperable.

Gems are usually found in places where energy of their type stays pooled for long periods of time. A Pokémon can absorb typed energy from a Gem to add it to his own attacks. Reusing a Gem requires either a long natural process or a very carefully timed artificial process, and of course it requires a pool of the adequately Typed energy available to draw from.

In the region of Suocé, the largest deposits of Gem minerals are located: on the coast of Marisávide (Water-type), under the La Plancha Sovereignty (Ground-type), on the crimsom dunes area east of the capital (Fighting-type) and near the north-east edges of the region (Flying-type).

Typeless Energy

Energy that is let loose (aimless) in the ambient for enough time, without being drawn in by a Pokémon or coalescing into a Gem, it eventually loses its Type properties and becomes “Typeless” energy, which is similar to the concept of potential energy. Once energy becomes Typeless, it can not regain a type naturally except by extremely invasive and expensive procedures; that is, except by the intervention of some high-end Legendaries such as Xerneas or Jirachi.

Typeless Energy is, for the most part, of no immediate use for Pokémon, as their Omnisacs are not tuned to defold it or convert it into mass; it can mostly be stored for later use, which takes place as an indirect surge of power that allows Pokémon to perform either Evolution or execute a Overdrive.


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