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A type is an attribute that material creatures like Pokémon and the energy they use have in the Pokémon world. It affects Move and abilities. For most information on types on the franchise see Bulbapedia on "Type". This article only details changes, reinterpretations and additions specific to the Suocéverse.

Information on franchise-canon types and mechanics related to them:


A “type” is understood to be an attribute that some objects and energies in the material world have. The fact that the attribute exists could be considered intrinsic to the material world or intrinsic to the concept of Pokémon as a whole.

Nineteen types exist in the Suocéverse as of Jan 2023, corresponding to the 18 franchise-canon types plus “????” after it was removed from the games. There are to that date no plans to add or remove types. There is, however, a concept drawn from the TCG for energies that are related to Pokémon but do not have a type intrinsically tied to them. There are no plans to incorporate Glitch Types due to them for the most part lacking any practical differentiation from “Normal” type.


For the mechanics of how elemental types work, how damage modification works and how energy in the material world has types, see Typed Energy.


In Suocéverse cosmology, types are an intrinsic property of the universe resulting from Arceus separating energy into different forms to create the material world. The amount of types would in supplemental materials be noted to be “about twenty” to give room to add new canon types in the future, or to give room to operate around the “????” type.

IRL-like life such as humans and plants do not themselves have types, but they can filter or transfer energy of given types just like any material thing in the world can. Because of this, they can theoretically use Moves.

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