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Tianji Aerie

Tianji Aerie is a named location in the story of Blink, Slowly . It is not stated where or even in what world the Aerie is located. Now much is known of the place other than immediately before the story it was bombarded and raided by an advance of at least three Clefairy airships.

The Aerie was the location that hosted a Legendary Pokémon of great power, referred to as a “Worldchanger” and a “goddess”; meta developments would set this Pokémon to likely be a Yveltal or Zekrom specimen.


The Aerie is built across some mountain peaks and extends into cave systems connecting it to the surrounding lands as well. At least one open area, featuring a temple, exists, which was raided by the Clefairy airships and is where the scenes in Blink, Slowly take place.


Devel Note:
more development and in-progress notes available at tianji_aerie (requires login).

The name comes from Tianyi, the Chinese name for a star in the Draco constellation. The name comes from Tiān Yī and is intended to mean, more or less, “the Celestial Great One”, a deity in Taoism. The star was chosen to name the Aerie so as to give it a deeper background connection to the Eltan Eye (Eltanin), whose magic contract Sasqūe and Keller have to fulfill, as both are names of stars in the Draco constellation.

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