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Tescrae is a male Teddiursa, later Ursaring, being built as a character concept for a story taking place in the PMD verse or in a PMD-esque verse.


Tescrae's information as given, mostly, in the PC Character Building Challenge thread of June 2021.


(From the CBC submission)

He looks like an Ursaring

Tescrae has a body complexion and size within the common range of his species, which means he looks awesome and terrifying even if it may not fits his personality. As a Teddiursa hailing from a sparser forest area though, he has a thinner and darker fur than the common Ursaring, closer in colouration to their Gen5 colouration, and his arms and legs are just a bit thicker than the norm.

In terms of dressing, a short blue-orange cape and two blue wristbands supplement his appearance. For his planned appearance in Down & Cast he would also wear the standard armour/uniform of the organization.


(From the CBC submission)

At fairly mature age, Tescrae should probably be busy raising his own family; however, the line of work he has chosen prevents him from, where he cycles for most of the day about a number of stations where workers and visitors are not intended to stay for long. While he is expressive and open to trying different approaches to tackle problems, much of his own mental and emotional strength he saves for the requirements of his own work.

Back at his Teddiursa years he went with a number of groups, he learned the value of defending oneself as a group: how much did kinship and common interests multiply and enhance the protective capabilities of Pokémon who worked together; yet his early adulthood taught him bitter lessons in how different Pokémon are one from another and how at some point people become different enough that one's best effort won't suffice to align them together. As such, he values the contributions that specialized individuals can bring to a group but is defensive and suspicious about perfection, about zealotry and about lifelong dedication even when they are for a good cause.

Saying that Tescrae loves to sleep, like Ursaring are wont to do weeks at a time during winter, is an understatement. Still, it's also something that fundamentally puts him at odds with his job and the culture he's living at, for a least one fifth of a year. He tempers that need by keeping himself occupied with small tasks during the year and carefully tracking his mood, his food and his sleep schedule - though with this be's also become more self-conscious (and reactive) about his appearance and mood as a result.



Character History




Devel Note:
more development and in-progress notes available at Tescrae (requires login).

Concept Evolution

Tescrae originates from a Character Creation Monthly submission at PokéCommunity.


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