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Tephros is a male Torchic character, later Blaziken, in Suocéverse's mainline world in the lands of Emisre. He's a trained mon and the starter of Miria Eygliz.



In certain ways, Tephros lives in his own “low fantasy high reward” world: he fancies himself the Quixotian hero of his own story, a dispenser of the way of the warrior, by which he means a fighting style of “few graces, all crippling”. As Miria's starter, he's assured he can quickly put a finish to any fights that he has to involve himself into.

Tephros's more fantasizing personality steeply crashes against Squall's apathy, and the two Pokémon go to fists over their philosophical approaches with decent frequency.


Tephros is trained in a number of in-universe undetermined neo-avian martial arts to a level that in terms of human martial arts would be comparable to first or second dan in some Japanese martial arts. At least one of the arts Tephros is trained in is the “Windmill Long Boot”, a school that emphasizes a solid feet stance that enables quick, tearing lateral kicks, and from which Tephros derives his usual stance and the speed for his kicking and jumping attacks.

As well, Tephros has learned some other moves on the go and created one of his own in the form of Hanging Burst (which is not admissible for tournament play). From observation and cooperation with Scyther and Chimchar across Emisre he has learned the special Heat Drive technique to support his otherwise lackluster handplay. He is also among the Pokémon to eventually develop his own Overdrive technique.

As a Starter, Tephros also can manage in human society, can operate a few basic machines and can use his stamina and his leg strength and sturdiness to navigate alleys, rooftops, tunnels and canals. He supports repairs and maintenance of the Eygliz household, but not of their genetic garden due to his Fire-type nature, although he does participate in other activities regarding the garden.

Character History


Non-Suocéverse appearances:


This section deals with events not yet published in Suocéverse canon (as of the last update of this article).

(For some key team events see Events)

  • Assigned as Miria Eygliz's starter Pokémon.
  • Led his team to the quarter finals of the Emisre national conference.
  • Joined rotation trade agreements with the teams of Dreis, Eris and Síbira Highvelter.
  • Fought and defeated one of Tagg's Pokémon in a Dalacia tournament, before being defeated by Roc (mentioned in Asking for Roc ).
  • Fought and escaped a member of the Emisre E4 during the Pokefutures assault on Isla Clovia.
  • Joined the raid of Vía Paraíso in early 3734 PE(~1 after Gen1) .
  • Fought and captured Pokefutures agents.


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