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Team Idílljrot

Team Idílljrot -or simply put, The Idílljrot- is the Adventuring Team established in the PMD Dimension's Post Town in the Suocéverse during the events of what would be Gates to Infinity. The team was founded by a migrant Axew, Volyrina, with the initial purpose of securing resources and a patch of land so that she can found a new idyllic town, a “Paradise” as she describes, for the outcasts of her clan to move to.

The team name comes from idilio, a Spanish word describing rural simplicity and solace, but also related to idílico, describing a peaceful and picturesque experience, and from kopirot, a Thuum term for describing a proclamation or a declaration, literally “proclaiming words”; thus Volyrina named her project after what she saw the team would be: the first solid statement to the world that she would see her dream of a Paradise through, for the tired or wounded people in her world to find solace in.


Gates to Infinity

After Volyrina deserted the dragon clans of the north due to their tribal scuffles, she came to Post Town where she expected to buy a patch of deserted land where she could start her project. The location was quite good, considering it was barely an hour a walk from Post Town, but the location itself was rocky, deserted and had barely any materials to work on.

Volyrina has a chance encounter with Firuz (by then going under the name of Feremiz) and as he helps her reach Post Town safely and deliver the papers needed for the terrain sale, she invites him to help her start out in the area, since it will be a time before Firuz himself figures out why he is around Post Town. Over the few next weeks and after a number of misadventures, the two end up recruiting two new Pokémon to their group: Dunsparce and Emolga, while a not very friendly Virizion decides to take a part-time seat with the group (not much unlike Batman's “part-time”ing for the Justice League).



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