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As a Bagon

The Bagon that would later become Taverna hatched part of the second clutch his mother had, hence his name in the wild, if using it, being “of Two”, and of his clutch was one of only two that reached maturity. He was born at least 170 yr before the events in Generation 1, in the mountains of the unforgiving regions north of Orre, similar to what in RL!Earth could be the mountain areas near Mojave Desert, and lived an ordinary childhood for a Bagon, trying to make ends meet in the mountains for the first ten or so years of his life.

Jumping off ledges and even cliffs eventually took him out of the mountain area and into a trail leading into the lands of Emisre, close to the border with Orre. Malnourished, he took the opportunity to scavenge from the few human settlements in the area for a few months, until he regained his strength and ventured further into the region, eventually finding shelter at a local tavern - a place that would later define his life.

The Bagon, by then still unnamed, quickly got along with some of the local patrons, including a biker gang that centered their activities in the area, and with a family that served as butlers and accountants for the notorious Madis family. He became a sort of local mascot and a well known attraction for the locals, fending off cat Pokémon, trying to catch the darts when people were playing, breaking boxes or bottles for an attraction and sometimes even taking his part in fights.

This continued for about twenty-five years until he evolved into a Shelgon, and the evolution changed his behaviour, making him calmer but also much less friendly, refusing most company that wasn't the local store owners, the biker gang, or the children of the butler family. He would remain with the store owners and with their children once they grew up and inherited the store.

The Calling of the Sky

The patrons understood that as all members of his evolutionary stage Shelgon would eventually feel the urge to go into the mountains to endure hardship to become Salamence; they tried to provide him with food and training, but he would refuse any outward attempt to help most of the time. Still, he would welcome company and would be often found by the seats the biker gang used, or under the pool table, his sturdy body serving as a prop where the bikers would place bottles, trays or clothes.

About sixty years passed (~3630 PE) and the Shelgon felt the calling of the skies; some time near 3645 PE the tavern gave a huge party to celebrate his pilgrimage and wish him luck, with the former children of the Madis' butlers now grown up and regaling him in comforts and good wishes; one of them, a young woman, got herself a Salamence-shaped pendant in his honour and assured him that once he would evolve he would still be welcome around their people, and that if the tavern became unfitting a place for a huge Salamence to live she could offer him a place at their park deeper in Emisre. The morning after Shelgon started his long march alone back to the edge of the Rienna Sovereignty, to the mountains.

Shelgon's pilgrimage would be solitary, slow and dangerous but despite many winters without food and many encounters with wild Pokémon he survived until he reached the highest summit he could find, and he made a first attempt to fly by jumping off a cliff about 150 m high. Obviously that didn't work and it took him nearly three weeks to recover and reach the summit again to try again, but as with all those of his line, he never stopped. Once or twice he would venture out of the mountain and catch a glimpse of the new roads, new buildings and new people, not understanding the world rapidly changing and limiting himself to watch for a day or two before returning to the mountains.

At some point near 3648 PE an ill fated encounter with a Zewilous after falling into a crystalline area in a cave left Shelgon badly hurt and unable to reach any exit or food, the closest he was to death during his pilgrimage, and it took him nearly 6 months to reach the surface again and nearly four more months to find a safe passage back into the mountains; during that time he saw something new in the distance: fire, lights and smoke from the direction of his old home, but he did not mind, he had found safe passage to an even higher mountain to the North and he headed there to challenge his limitations once again. Sometime after 3650 he leapt off the summit and fell tumbling down into a clearing with many crystalline protrusions that reflected the light of the sky: this would be the last time he failed.

True Name: The Crystals of Sky Light and the Packs of Death

A few days later he reached to the summit again and waited until noon where the lights from the bottom were clear to jump; this time his shell broke and gave way and the light from his own body joined the chorus of light from the bottom. His body finally reached the Salamence stage and he flew high from the summit, lashing at the skies with roars and Dragon Breath.

Finding himself at the pinnacle of his being he knew he would have to take on a true name for himself, given according to what he had to surpass on his journey to Salamencehood as per tradition. Unsure of how to even describe the crystals and not even knowing if the mountain had a name, Salamence decided to return to the tavern where he had grown up, hoping the humans there would know what name would he had to give himself. He reached the roads heading to the tavern by dusk, noticing that many of the houses were on fire and that the smell of blood - both of Pokémon and of humans - seemed to come from everywhere.

Before Salamence could reach the area where the tavern was located, he could hear strange noise coming from the distance - the screams of people, the sound of human vehicles and the sound of what he would only later that night learn was machine gun fire. He landed in front of the tavern as the last of a mercenary squad sent by Pokefutures were finishing off some of the locals, with only some people left.

Enraged by the sight he attacked the death squad who returned the aggression by sending out their own Pokémon, but the Salamence was fresh out of evolution and eager for blood and mercilessly killed his enemies by way of the likes of Dragon Breath and Hyper Beam; unfortunately this was not before the rest of the squad was finished executing the store owners and the last few patrons as they clamored for him to flee. Salamence's body then met machine gun fire that pierced one of his legs and wings but bounced off his scales otherwise, and in response he burned the last of the death squad alive and then destroyed their vehicle.

In the end, the Salamence was all that remained of the massacre he had witnessed. He sniffed out the bodies of the people the squad had killed only to realize the elder woman was one of the same children that had said goodbye to him that many years ago, even wearing the Salamence-shaped pendant: that was how long had he been gone.

Sirens and more machine gun approaching, the Salamence took to his surroundings and realized the extent of his ordeal: the end was not the harsh mountains or the crystal caves that defined him, but his return home, to avenge those who had sent him off to grow; today, he had passed his first real, brutal fight to the death and had joined the ranks of those of his kind who had killed humans in retaliation for their breaking of The Vow. As the creature picked a dartboard from his childhood and a Salamence-shaped pendant from one of the bodies, the creature ceased to be and Taverna was born; the newly minted, now true Dragon took to the skies with some difficulty, and headed East, away from the chaos and looking for a place where to nap his wounds off, decided to return to a solitary life.

While he didn't know and wouldn't have understood back then, Taverna was not the only survivor of the Pokefutures-led massacre. There was another, a young child who inherited the Madis lineage and also wore a Salamence-shaped pendant, who had been taken by their mother to the southern forests in Emisre. One day in the future the two would join forces and fight the crime that was Pokefutures, as for now the organization's evil was law.

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