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Talea Covarrubias / Rise to the Top

See also: Talea Covarrubias.

Talea Covarrubias is an NPC in the post-by-post roleplay game Rise to the Top played by Venia Silente. She is one of the trainers competing against Ravir in order to qualify to the higher ranks of the World Championship.





Character History

Talea signed up to compete in the qualifying rounds of the Pokémon World Championship. After making it through the lowest ranks off-screen, she tracked fellow combatant Ravir Eisenhorth / Rise to the Top to the commercial area of the city of Nartes and challenged him to a fight for the rights to progress to Ultra Rank right before either of them could leave the country for their respective destinations.


Talea shows up in her combat posts with the following team (as of 2020-11-07):

Talea's Team

“ | Team Leads "Crayle"

Other Pokémon "Zessin" "Iedol" Hitmonlee
As seen in: Rise to the Top

Worldbuilding Elements

Published Material

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