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Talea Covarrubias

Talea Covarrubias is a female Trainer from northern Suocé that regularly competes in the national league and also works half-time as an aide for a foreign embassy in Suocé. She was at some point one of the names in the Zero Registry.


Talea Covarrubias
Mar 13


By what would be the timeframe of stories like Interim or Built for Risk , Talea would be a young adult woman about 20-25 years of age, 1.8 m tall, of South-American Mestizo descent. She has tanned skin, short and fuzzy light brown hair, and gray eyes.

When out of the workplace and going on adventure, Talea often dons Safari Zone-esque attire to move and work easily in her surroundings.



Besides being a capable Trainer, having attained the coveted “Elite” Rank in the JALECO Classification, Talea is a budding tactician at her age. Over the years she trains her Pokémon to follow specific, shortened commands that while not always concord with international regulation, allow her and her team to handle other kinds of situations with better proficiency.

Talea having landed a secretarial position is no small thing; already in school she was proficient in languages and in abstract concepts, and she communicates very well with her Pokémon and with other people's Pokémon too. She is competent in at least two languages. Her line of work and her time as a Zero Registry lent her understanding of both police and political situations, and of the Trainers in the Registry, she was the second to last to be captured only before Silgra ins Bertel.

Character History

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Non-Suocéverse Appearances


  • A number of Talea's traits are based upon the character of Marita Covarrubias from The X-Files. These include Talea's family name, her connection to Zero Registry and her working position in an embassy in Suocé; but not her appearance or her age.
  • Outside of Suocéverse canon, Talea is the first Trainer to feature a Pokémon from GenⅦ or after in her lineup as she leads her first on-screen appearance with Duraludon in Rise to the Top.

Worldbuilding Elements

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