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Suocéverse Primer

Document still in development. Commentary permission can be requested by those interested.

Revision: Suocéverse Primer1) - 2016-02-21.

[It’s called Suocéverse because the main story takes place in the OC region / continent of Suocé; might merit a rename before a larger release]


“A world inhabited by humans and creatures they call Pokémon; they work together for balance, glory and fun following an ancient covenant - humans provide the goals and Pokémon provide the power to realize them.”

This ‘verse is my personal interpretation of the Pokémon franchise - a blend of various Pokémon canons, albeit with some concepts and mechanics strongly adapted, incorporating material from sources such as PokéSpé, trading card games and the PMD spinoffs. It's also a reference-rich world, with various concepts from other franchises adapted for shout outs or homages.

Quickie "The Same But Different"

See Quickie "The Same But Different" for a quick list of things that differentiate this verse from other common / canon ‘verses.

Meta Fundamentals

This ‘verse is an interpretation of the Pokémon world taken as a blend of various Pokémon canons, with fundamental elements from the anime and manga taking center stage then complemented with concepts and mechanics from side canons such as the TCG or PMD, specifically modified for adaption. An exposition of most elements adapted from other Pokémon canons can be seen under .Suocéverse Themes, whereas elements that have been strongly modified can be checked under .Strong Divergences from Canon. The end result is more or less a world like ours, but somewhat chipper, and with Pokémon.

The world has shared elements with some other fanworks, in particular Project PEFE and the We Are All Pokémon Trainers (WAAPT) RP and community, with which it shares some tidbits of world history, both of these are projects I, The Author am member and contributor of. Collaboration between the various authors extends to a shared pool of characters, settings and concepts shared between us, and thus cameos and guest starrings will be common. Whether the Suocéverse and the WAAPT multiverse are connected is, as of 2016, left undecided to be discussed with the aforementioned community. The strongest indicator of this shared pool in the Suocéverse is probably the existence of PEFE itself as an institution and its predecessor, Pokefutures, introduced in WAAPT.

Since the Generation 6 games also canonized the concept of a Pokémon multiverse, it is to be decided if the Suocéverse is directly connected to any of the canon “settings”, such as the anime.

Even more, the Suocéverse's worldbuilding is reference/homage-rich. Various features adorn the setting drawn from other sources in franchises that I like such as Final Fantasy, Metroid, Golden Sun, etc, and are adapted to feel more Pokémon-like. A References Masterlist is pending as of Dec. 2016.

The world -or, in certain ways, the main world- featured, which we could call Earth or the Pokéworld, is described as an “Earth-like” world in the large scale, and is largely based off of IRL Earth: there are geographical landmarks that resemble IRL analogues, the location and placement of continents is overall different but follows the same patterns as IRL Earth, and many things can be assumed to be Earth-like up to and including the flora and fauna, with the obvious exception of adding Pokémon to the mix -rather than replacing IRL Earth fauna-, and the overall metrics used by people: meters, kilograms, seconds, etc, are either assumed to be the same or assumed to be under TranslationConvention.

In particular, I follow an interpretation of the world closer to the anime World Map in the Unova seasons, plus the presence of “obvious analogues” to certain IRL cities and settlements. All this regarding both the layout of continents and regions, and the placement of certain Earth-like features.

Just as the Pokémon canon features several “Dimensions”, so does the Suocéverse. By default all action takes place in what could be called the “default” or “normal Dimension”. Other canon dimensions such as the Distortion World, the anime's Mirror World, and the dimension where Arceus resides in the 12th movie, are also defined to exist.

The Pokémon themselves are interpreted closer to their anime conceptualization: sentient creatures with a given degree of sapience, not necessarily close to that of humans; they are obviously not humans, but also obviously not animals either. They have access to a wide array of “energy types” depending on the body constitution of their species, and are able to siphon such typed energy and store it for later release in a highly decompressed energy-to-matter conversion thanks to dedicated organs called Omnicrystal, allowing for such things as Squirtle to launch jets of water that they should not be able to contain within the volume of their bodies.

History-wise, the world has gone through various “Eras”, more or less equivalent to the geological Eras of IRL Earth, though the focus of most if not all stories will be kept in what could be considered the “The Present Era”. The current calendar rolls at about the year 3733 for the events of Generation 1 and 3, thus placing the ancient Kalos War at about year 700; for ease of access, when discussed out-of-universe all Present Era events are given in relation to the “ME” epoch of the Gen1/Gen3 events, and thus the events of Gen2/Gen4 would be said to happen in yr. ME+2 (about year 3735).

Within the current Era, many events have a direct translation to events from canon (eg.: the disbandment of Team Rocket) or would have an analogue to IRL Earth events placed at the adequate “region” (eg.: India tsunami of 2004 or the Tunguska event), but the latter need not to take place in the same sequence or with the same spacing as IRL Earth events, for obviously understandable reasons.

As of late 2016, the event that serves as foundation for the Present Era's epoch has not been decided.

Advanced Concepts

For more details about various concepts, check:

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Worldbuilding Elements

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