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Suocé is split into a southern side and a northern side because of the cordillera that crosses it. In a general historical sense, the northern side has always had earlier presence of humans and Pokémon.

Pre-Contemporary Era

Circa 3690 PE(~43 before Gen1) , various minor adjustments were made to the national conference that also established new gyms in Vys Ocassum and in Lete, resulting in the League lineup seen in the contemporary era. By these years, Lautaro Friolán Dinivel assumed the presidency of the country and a few roadway projects started construction.

Early into the 38th century, the three sovereign of Cadrícea made an appearance to announce their vote of confidence in the abilities of famed Trainer Nadia Shepard. Nadia would eventually be proclaimed Champion ca. 3708. The figure of Nadia would be important to the lore of the country in the upcoming years, as she would hold the longest Champion term among contemporary Trainers other than Samuel Oak.

At about the same time, the Determinants of Baronesia resumed their appearances in the news with a series of attacks, just as a bid had been made to start a Safari Zone Project in eastern Suocé. The Determinants remained active for a few years until a series of operations by local law enforcement and the Ranger Association.

In 3715 PE(~18 before Gen1) , Israel Soler the older brother of René, is voted President, and supports various campaigns to promote large-scale science studies in the country. Only three months in, the country has officially entered the international Fossil program, same that would years later result in Suocé producing the first reconstructed specimen of Lileep. Unfortunately, Israel dies only a few months later from complications during an emergency lung transplant, unable to complete six months into his term.

Sovereign Unrests of the 3700s

During the early 3700s, unrest has been slowly growing across the two Sovereignties hosted in Suocé. In the north, the migratory movement of the Zelinian dragons has stopped and now the dragons have entrenched themselves in the main cordillera near the areas of Ísparus and Cholcone, and have taken to carry out weekly or even daily attacks upon the La Plancha mesa in order to feed themselves. In the south, the push for commercial expansion of Ciudad Cadrícea and the increasing kidnappings by Black Thumb Gang have resulted in the three sovereign Deer showing up more often and attempting to claim back their roles as rulers of the city.

All this is coupled with the regressing political relations with Caledoria and the activities of subversive group Determinants of Baronesia. Eventually the Elite Four gets involved in some of these events. Ca. 3718, President Admar Fuentes Lira pronounces the Determinants a terrorist faction and seeks agreements with Rondovia on how to deal with them; and newly appointed Elite Four Léos Ward begins a general investigation into the Suocé-Caledoria ferryways and the smuggling operations that could be taking place in them.

The three Cadrícean Deer decide to fully return to activity at some point in early 3721 PE(~12 before Gen1) . With Terrakion as their leader, they retake the position of guardians of Ciudad Cadrícea and of landowners and old guardians of the Cadrícean Widefields, sending a shockwave through the administrative structure of southern Suocé that after nearly 200 years once again has to readjust to the historical role of the Sovereignty serving the three Deer.

To make their tasks easier, the three Deer announce a campaign to recruit acolytes, of which a select group will join their inner circle, and the selection process is completed at some time before the spring of 3722. Five Pokémon are selected to join as the guardians' personal retinues: Virpal-Jusk, Eltenios, Caolené, Eremilia and Sahlai.

In La Plancha however, the situation is far away from improving. Continuous attacks by the dragons finally isolate the mesa from the province of Cholcone, and the dragons then turn to attack and annex the coastal cordillera including the lands around the Shrine of Magic. However this campaign is resisted and the dragons can not further progress into La Plancha, and this leads to Elder Dragon Rhanzikik migrating from Omixence to Ísparus to oversee operations at some point ca. 3725 PE(~8 before Gen1) .

Contemporary Era

The Triple Threat of Acrasa

By year 3727 PE(~6 before Gen1) , Champion Nadia Shepard is researching potential threats to the country, also looking at the evaluations the Elite Four makes of their present threat dossiers. However what none of them expects is that the first attack goes off everywhere.

In 3728 PE(~5 before Gen1) , the Fall of Pokefutures takes place revealing the Pokefutures organization's practices worldwide, and leading to a worldwide response. Suocé had seen several projects by Pokefutures to invest in the country in the last five years; the response in Suocé started with the raid of the Pokefutures offices in Vys Ocassum and in Émpovi as well as of the Emisrean embassy in Nartes. This resulted in leaking to the public of a list of assets that Pokefutures had an eye on to recruit for their plans. But with the list of Trainers and their threat level revealed, paranoia mounted up in the political sphere, and a faction within the cabinet of President Gladys Farmalle unilaterally launched an emergency response codenamed Registro Cero to find and either apprehend or terminate those Trainers, list which included faces such as Ravir Eisenhorth and Machalí sol Linaros.

The ruckus caused by the response against Pokefutures severely heightened the noise to signal ratio in investigations of lore and of the criminal underworld, forcing Nadia and her team to recede. With the best Trainers being pursued or now distrusting the League and the government, Gladys Farmalle attempted to clear house by granting PIP officers special investigative powers, closing the League and surrendering her cabinet.

With Gladys' surrender and the E4 uwilling to help, Nadia lost a key ally at a pivotal moment. She and the rest of the country were severely ill-prepared when two weeks into 3729 PE(~4 before Gen1) , the alarms for a threat of severe proportions rang in Nadia's team. A few hours later, an earthquake reaching Mercalli 10 shook the entire southern board of Suocé and part of the northern side of Caledoria, sinking a few islands, reshaping the landscape near the border, and almost erasing Vys Ocassum and Acrasa from the map. Terrakion tracked the energies back to a hollowed-out mining vein in the northern side of the Widefields and headed there. He found Nadia Shepard and her entire team deceased, apparently from trying to fight off the earthquake, and reported the event to the authorities.

Attempt at Restitution

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