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Spectrum is a female Flygon specimen, formerly trained, who lives under the wing of the Protector Ho-Oh and works for him as the caretaker and teacher of his chick Nix. She is Guest Starring from WAAPT.



At an undetermined point in time before the events of G1/G3, Spectrum left the care of her Trainer and was picked by Ho-Oh to guard one of his nests in the Mountain of Revival, where she would also be in charge of Nix, the mating pair's sole chick.

As guardian of the Mountain of Revival, Spectrum is also responsible for handling visitors; however her social skills have rusted a little however, and she mistakes one visitor's intention of interviewing the legendary bird for a desire to simply meet any of the available Ho-Oh. Spectrum then leads the visitor, Trent, to the depths of the Mountain's nest, and has to defend Nix when Trent tries to manhandle her, prompting the father Ho-Oh to make an appearance ( Simpler than Magic ).

Unlike her WAAPT incarnation, Spectrum is not branded by the time of her on-screen appearance. It is undetermined at this point if she will undergo such branding in the future.

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Spectrum is a Guest Starring character developed by fellow author bittersweetnsour; she originates from WAAPT where she has a similar connection to that setting's Nix. Spectrum debuted with permission in Simpler than Magic .

In the WAAPT setting, Spectrum is shown to have a colorful voice as in literally colorful voice: one of her particular attributes is that her speech carries color, both in-universe and out as projected in the syntax of her speech in posts. In the Suocéverse, this trait is referred to a couple of times and projected in a different form: her voice is indicated in-universe to evoke a sentimentality often associated with colors such as the color of sadness, the color of tranquility, etc. As stated in a review where the subject comes up:

Much of this colouring of telepathy was my interpretation of Spectrum as a guest character; the Flygon is described and portrayed by her author as having a colorful voice in a more mechanical sense, but I thought that invoking a bit of synesthesia would have made her intentions when speaking easier to perceive at the same time as drawing a contrast with the more canonical perception of Flygon communication - by sing and sound as they bat their wings. I'm glad that it worked and I'm going to guess Spectrum's author is going to find this of value as well, I'm passing down the message.
See also: Spectrum.

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