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Seven Star-Claws

The “Seven Star-Claws” are a group of (usually) seven Dragon-type Pokémon declared “enlightened” and tasked with mentoring, and sometimes protecting, the continuity and growth in power of a number of Dragon clans and Sovereignties in Mainline Suocéverse.

The group was officially established when Kyurem was first defeated near Unova in the Previous Era and has seen a number of iterations up until the timeframe of events concurrent to Generation Ⅵ. While it did not exist as an actual organizational entity previous to the sealing of Kyurem, a number of draconic Pokémon did act on their own accord following what would become the guidelines of the cabal.

While there are a high number of Dragon-type Legendary Pokémon, they usually don't take part in the Council. Members of the Latii species are a rare exception.

Known Formations

Anointed during the given century:

  • Previous to the 34th Century:
  • 34th-36th Century
  • 37th Century
  • 38th Century
    • Yanoyâfa the Stainless Bite replaces Rhanzikik (killed in action).
    • Plumfang the Charizard replaces Ĵivadma (disavowed).
    • Vedhismegral is killed in action but her post is not (as of yet) officially filled.


The Seven Star-Claws are basically the meta counterparts of WAAPT's Seven Jerk Dragons, or rather of the good (OU-timeline) counterparts of.

Theoretically, a timeline alternate to the Mainline Suocéverse exists where the Seven Star-Claws are an organization closer in function to that of the 7JD. In such a timeline, Agaloria never became an Elder, with either Eon or Paarthurnax being the most likely ones to have taken his place; and after Rhanzikik and Vedhismegral end their terms (by death), they would be succeeded by Fuuma and Seishirō.

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