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Sasqūe Vaquario is a male Riolu specimen, later Lucario, that works as a leader of a freelancing team in a PMD-style world, and is one of the protagonists of Blink, Slowly. His character was designed for a challenge of sorts in the PMD: Writers United community, where the author was told to provide “a dead [Lucario] body with evidence”.

The base character (see Character Concept) is intended to feature in his own set of stories as are the rest of the cast in Blink, Slowly.



He looks like a Lucario, but much more edgy and emo.


Sasqūe is a very self-centered Pokémon and puts his priorities above all else; but he is also understanding of how society and the minds of people function, and thus he has become a practised manipulator, getting other people to join him and making them believe that they are working together for their causes, when in actuality it is always Sasqūe's cause that comes first.


While Sasqūe is a decent fighter, most of his skills are actually oriented to what would be comparable to detective work in our world. He has patience to chase clues and secure areas and objectives for a long time, he has an understanding of how people's minds and emotions work, allowing him to extract useful information from them and to convince them to back his efforts, and he is ruthless in his approach and is not weighed down by remorse, guilt or self-doubt when other people pour out their effort (and their lives) for him.

As a fighter he is a close-combat fighter experienced in manifesting and dispelling Aura constructs fast, using regular shapes well adapted for fights such as shields, batons, clubs and daggers.

One of his least known techniques is that of materializing Aura constructs not only from his hands, but also from his tail and feet, albeit with a lesser degree of “hardness”. This is the technique he tries to use to fight Keller in Blink, Slowly, but Keller is already familiarized with Sasqūe's capabilities.

Character History



Sasqūe has no canon known moves. In his one fight in Blink, Slowly he used generic sweeps and claw attacks; he also manifested an Aura orb. Still, he did not use any directly named (mainline) moves.


Non-canon Appearances

  • An adaptation of the character as a Riolu shows up in burger politoed (by PMD:WU regular Readerlove) as one of the main characters.


Devel Note:
more development and in-progress notes available at Sasqūe [devel] (requires login).

Character Concept

As a character concept, Sasqūe was born from some interchange of ideas in the PMD: Writers United group in Discord, during a conversation about culling Lucarios as it was an overrepresented species. At the prodding of one of the moderators of the chatroom, the author took upon the task of creating a story that revolved around the concept of killing a Lucario character. The result of this was Blink, Slowly which was published in 2021.

Part of the idea was to create a patently overdone Lucario character that could be offed with some ease - or, in the least providing a satisfying killing for the character. While the objective was not directly to make the character unlikeable, the end result would have to be trope overdosed so as to adequately represent the overrepresentation of the species and their position as a sort of special snowflake pet of the franchise. While an initial and, by design, final view of the character was given in Blink, Slowly, the idea is to (quite ironically) develop the character further.

Some select quotes from discussions regarding the design of the character follow:

PMD Writers United:

Member 1: How many Lucario must die before the quota is satisfied
Member 2: What quota?
Member 3: Infinite. Like Leomon deaths.
Venia Silente: somewhere in the tens, I think, given the demographics in this particular server
Member LU: :horror:
Venia Silente: NO BAD ${MEMBER_3}
Member RV: he dies like every season at least once, right/
Venia Silente: yeahhhhhhhh
Member 3: Not aware of what Digimon did post-Savers, but otherwise that's accurate.
Member RV: ooooof
Member RV: someone on the writing team must hate him
Venia Silente: we do could start a server-wide event… the Lucario Cull Month or smth

From another conversation on PMD:WU:

PMD Writers United:

> Friendship evolution is always great for narrative weight

Hard agree, for example you could have a Riolu who seeks to master the power of friendship, crafting and discarding friendships so that the Riolu's empath prowess reaches reality warping levels and they can evolve into the Friendliest Lucario

PMD Writers United:

Venia Silente:
With those friends done, Lucario needed new cannon fodder for his aspirations of greatness. So he went out to make himself a new pack, of new mons who would be willing to sacrifice themselves for him, and they set out on a great adventure so they could use their powers and change the world. But the closer they got to their goal, the higher the stakes, and the higher the bodycount, with fewer and fewer allies left to support the 'cario. But it doesn't matter, because they are his best friends so they will give their lives to see him (or, well, not live enough to see him) become the Best Mon Ever.

(more quotes pending)


The character was named Sasqūe in honor of “Sasuke”, a well-known loner Mary Sue-esque character from the Naruto franchise from whom much of the plot ideas and “overdone-ness” for this Lucario were drawn. The surname “Vaquario” (presumably from es:vaquero, “cow-boy”) was added in July 2021 after a suggestion in the PMD:WU server from user MadderJacker.

The latinized form “Sasque” may sometimes be used.

Sasqūe Vaquario

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