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Salozny is a male Mothim in the Suocéverse, at the time of last update only existing .


Devel Note:
more development and in-progress notes available at Salozny [devel] (requires login).

Salozny is a character designed as a lead villain to use in potential Pokémon-centric stories and sub-settings in the Suocéverse. A Pokémon of great ambition and capable of understanding various branches of technology, he gained access to devices and artifacts of the Pokémon world that would allow him to chase his long dream of revenge against Rock types for having a basically lethal advantage against Bug-types like him.

Depending on the settings where he features, Salozny would come to be known as The Mad Mothim.




Salozny's character was first designed as a potential character to co-star in a work unrelated to the Suocéverse, and then the core concept was brought in line to Suocéverse lore for potential development and usage.

The Mothim would be an old aged specimen of his species with vast knowledge of Bug-type anatomy, and of various kinds of artifacts in the Pokémon world; he would also have notorious elementalist capabilities. Depending on the Sci-Fantasy sliding scale of the settings where he would feature, he could fit such roles as an Arcanist, Scholar, Chemist or -in more general terms- mad scientist. As a character, his goal is to collect knowledge about the various “status” techniques Bug-types are capable of, in his search for an “Ultimate” Bug-type technique or artifact that would give his kind the power to turn the tables against the threat of Rock-types they are naturally weak to.

Salozny's nature and character goals would, for potential plots, put him in opposition to characters recognized in the Suocéverse as working for (or as) forces of order, as would be Dalvin, Pichu (Tagg), Kalas or Tephros (in a Pokémon-centric setting), Feremiz or Erishkeryá (in a PMD setting), Lév or Ravir (in a Trainerverse context).


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