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“S” is a codename assigned to a Trainer and industrial saboteur operating in Emisre during the years surrounding Generation Ⅰ. The real identity of this figure is in-universe undetermined. This saboteur started attacking Pokefutures facilities, and eventually personnel, sometime ca. 3726 PE(~7 before Gen1) and her activities continued at least up to two months after the Battle of Mirtadenal in 3734 PE(~1 after Gen1) , all across at least four regions including Emisre.


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Not much is known about the real appearance of “S”; it is mostly assumed this individual is a human woman at around 30 years of age, between 1.68 and 1.82 m tall.

“S” dresses in a black-and-olive suit and robe that takes some design elements from folkloric dressings designed for the Emisre National Museum ca. 3620 and that were lost when the last remaining storage offices of the Museum were destroyed. The dressing includes a partial mask and a collar or similar mechanism that allows the individual to conceal their voice.


Character History

Activities of an attacker who might or might not have been “S” were known in the underground intelligence circles as far back to at least 3721 PE(~12 before Gen1) in locations such as Firenza or Ataridád in Emisre; however the first documented encounter is dated in police reports to take place in Firenza around 3725 PE(~8 before Gen1) , when “S” attacked a storage hub for Pokefutures trucks. Initial pursuit eventually led Pokefutures agents and police agents to the Firenza Historical Cemetery, where the confrontation led to the local wild Pokémon going amok and “S” disappearing amidst the chaos.

For about two years, the saboteur attacked various facilities and stole copies of various documents, with no known pattern to her activities that law enforcement could discern. At some point it was thought that she was an industrial saboteur hired by any of Pokefutures' various competitors, but investigations provided no leads in that regard

After the true nature of Pokefutures came into public knowledge, the regions of Angela and Emisre fell into political and social unrest; however, the trove of information unveiled about the megacorp allowed “S” to hone down her attacks and she added attacks on Pokefutures personnel to her repertoir on November 3728, when she hunted down and killed a financial officer later revealed to have been part of hiding a number of assets stolen from the Emisre National Museum. This attack unveiled some of her pattern, but Pokefutures was deep in disarray and could not counter her adequately.

Some of “S”'s operations took her to journeying from one country to another for very short periods of time, but she's always ultimately return to Emisre. This lasted until a fated visit to Sinnoh sometime during early 3729. During this visit, agents from Team Galactic were looking for an unknown artefact, and “S” trailed them in the pursuit. The hunt for the mysterious item eventually led various Trainers to fight over it against a wild Articuno that had secured it, and in the resulting confrontation it was reported that “S” was killed in action fighting against the rampaging Legendary, but both her identity and the artefact were not recovered after.

At some point between 3729 and 3731, some Pokefutures holdovers led by Camus Albrond traded for weapons and prepared a biochemical attack on the Sovereignty of Mount Piutá, as part of an operation to make new ground for the corporation and give it new resources to recover with. However the cell led by Albrond was attacked by unknown assailants and they were assassinated, thus preventing the attack on the Sovereignty. While law enforcement initially assumed “S” was the perpetrator of the attack, no conclusive evidence was found as she was presumed KIA during that time, and it was later made known that the Third Battle Wing of Mount Piutá claimed responsibility for the attack (hinted at in Asking for Roc ).

“S” eventually resurfaced in Emisre sometime during 3731, although intelligence reports indicated she had been seen in Rondovia two weeks before her resurgence. What was she doing in that region is unknown. After returning to Emisre, she continued her attacks on former Pokefutures personnel, sometimes classing against the Emisre Elite Four and a few trainers from PEFE.

In various encounters onwards it was found that “S” always managed to disappear amidst the population of wild Pokémon, so over time law enforcement tried to contain confrontations to the most heavily urbanized areas. One such encounter saw some of the members of the Oldbaron Guild of Emisre including Rigel Kalhaid manage to track “S” down across the rooftops of Corcotino, but she managed to escape after crossing a bridge despite there not being wild Pokémon swarming in the area.

Ultimately when final confrontations between the new Corporate Government of Emisre and the Emisre Elite Four took place in Vía Paraíso, “S” infiltrated the floating city shortly before it was attacked by the Sovereignties of Mount Piutá leading to the Battle of Mirtadenal. As a result of the battle, the government cabinet of the country was destroyed, as was the city of Mirtadenal, and with most of Pokefutures now destroyed or under pursuit by global law enforcement, “S” dialed back on attacks and eventually faded from public scrutiny.


During her operations, “S” was known to have a number of Pokémon partners, but no definitive information about their identities other than their species could be established beyond any doubt.

  • Tropius (transport)
  • Noivern (transport)
  • Kadabra (combatant)
  • Murkrow (combatant)
  • Miltank (combatant)
  • Marowak (combatant)
  • Umbreon (combatant)
  • Luxray (combatant)
  • Venipede (combatant)
  • Bewear (combatant)

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