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Across the Suocéverse a number of references to other authors, franchises or works are made. This page displays a listing of them compiled by the work being referenced:

Work, Franchise or Author Reference Appearance Description
Avatar, the Last Airbender Tru-Bolt Built for Risk Shaun's triple-bolt attack is a variation on the double-lightning bolt technique Phoenix King Ozai uses in the series' finale.
Fledglings Not a Pirate Serebii Character Interviews Eltenios mentions in his character interview that he has a bona fide job but that after leaving that he would be okay exploring other venues for adventure such as becoming a pirate. This is a reference to the incarnation of the character in SpitefulMurkrow's Fledglings.
Greek Mythology Sun Chariot Playfield Berecien mentions human myth portraying Arceus using a chariot led by four Rapidash to move the Sun, in reference to Helios' chariot in hellenic mythology.
Green Lantern Green Lantern Corps Sixth The artifact Mew gives to Ravir's Lileep in the story has the marking of a “MJU CORPS” engraved in it, in reference to the Green Lantern Corps.
Pokémon Walk-thru walls thief Built for Risk A newspaper mentions the police being on the case of a “walk-thru walls thief”. Refers to one of a number of known glitches in the Diamond and Pearl games specifically that allows for reaching past walls and out-of-bounds.
Pokémon meta “Stealth Rock ban” Built for Risk A newspaper mentions a combat gone awry when one of the Pokémon uses Stealth Rock, resulting in the opponent being crippled and the trainer responsible being banned for life. A play on and a jab to the competitive meta for Pokémon games centralizing on Stealth Rock.
Watership Down Lapine language Silly human, …
and others
Nidoran in this continuity sometimes express themselves in a language similar to Lapine, the language rabbits use in Watership Down.
Witch of the Prairies “The Witch” Cuasi Legendario

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