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Ravir Eisenhorth / Rise to the Top

See also: Ravir Eisenhorth.

Ravir's sign-up sheet:

When it comes to Pokémon Training, Ravir believes that Pokémon should prove themselves by through their own power, but otherwise live comfortably and help themselves with the various advantages that human technology brings, like Potions and Pokécenters.

– Ravir's sign-up sheet.

Ravir Eisenhorth is a player character in the post-by-post roleplay game Rise to the Top. He is a male Trainer originating from Suocé and fighting across the region of Sinnoh in order to qualify for the World Championships.

He is run by player Venia Silente.



Ravir's sign-up sheet:

Tall, about 1.76 m (about 5.8 ft I think?) with a rather lean constitution, even somewhat bony in the arms. Remember Zack Fair from FF7? basically the same body build. His face has wider lips though, beach sand-coloured eyes and dark blue hair. What he lacks in facial markings he has it in wrinkles and scars in his arms and wrists which mostly come from the effects of working with industrial machinery.



Character History

Ravir participates in the qualification rounds for the World Championship. Due to events across the country and to the structure of the tournament, Trainers are bound to travel all around the world in search of challenges.

As Ravir is heading towards a hotel in Nartes, where he would spend the night before taking a flight to Sinnoh, he is intercepted and challenged by fellow Trainer Talea.


Ravir shows up in the game with a team selection that is a combination of his own team planned for Interim (unreleased as of late 2020) and a backstory team assigned to his younger brother Megrez. As per the mechanics of the game, while he canonically has a number of Pokémon who can Mega Evolve, such as Aggron and Gyarados, none of them can do so as he is not representing the regions of Hoenn or Kalos.

Unique to this version of the character, Ravir also has a Coalossal in his team, the first Gen Ⅶ or later Pokémon to get a character record in the Suocéverse (but the second to make it onscreen, being beaten to the punch by Talea's Duraludon).

Ravir's Team

“ | Team Leads Electabuzz (Ravir) "Archo"

Other Pokémon Gyarados (Ravir) Cyanoger Coalossal
"Estagn" "Sitella"

” | Phase Two Cradily

As seen in: Rise to the Top

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