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Ravir Eisenhorth: Backstory

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This section deals with events not yet published in Suocéverse canon (as of the last update of this article).

Life pre-Interim

Ravir was born in Artilea 20-something years before the events of Interim and most of the Suocéverse chronology at large. He was the first child in a family of eventually three siblings: himself, Megrez and Thom.

During the days of his second Trainer's Journey, Ravir's participation was paramount in the disbandment of the local underground team known as Black Thumb Gang. Drifblim witnessed the kidnapping of a Pokémon and managed to report back to Ravir, who led a group of Trainers into an investigation of the matters in eastern Suocé. Ravir and his team personally confronted the lead operatives of the Gang and came out on top, only requiring assistance in the very end which came by the intervention of Elite Four Domingo Reubens.

For their participation in the events, Domingo, Ravir and two other Trainers were given the Keys to the City of Marisávide, where Black Thumb Gang was headquartered. The events surrounding the takedown of Black Thumb and Ravir's later performance in the National Tournament also gained Ravir the attention of then Champion Nadia Shepard, who (under guidance of a seer in her team) eyed him as one of the top threats to the region.

Road to Champion

By the time of Interim, however, and after the aftershock of the worldwide threat of Pokefutures, Nadia decides to test various Trainers as potential replacements of her role; of those Trainers, only Ravir and Machalí passed the various tests, and came to confront both Nadia and the “threat to the Region” that she had detected during the course of the story. After the events, Ravir is apprehended by the Suocéan Navy headed by Yarade LeBlanc, but he is let go when Cobalion demands he is surrendered to be inspected as a threat to the Sovereignty.

Eventually, Ravir is designated Champion of the Suocé Region replacing Nadia Shepard in the role, however, many high-ranking Traienrs including the members of the E4 see this nomination as a publicity stunt, as they deem Ravir's competence not at the level of Nadia's. Despite this, Ravir takes agency and intervenes in various matters including the resurgence of Black Thumb Gang.

Champion Tenure

By the time of Stars of Suocé, Ravir has become the Champion of the Region, and while a novice at the task and not having the trust of the Suocé League high-rankers, enjoys the vote of confidence of the Cadrícean Sovereign and the support of many allies across the country, including his former colleague (and second choice for Champion) Machalí sol Linaros.

When Black Thumb and another organization hold the city of Désona ransom, Ravir manages to liberate the city almost by himself, finally earning him the respect of the League.

Near Apocalypse of Hoenn onwards

By ME+1, Ravir temporarily steps down from his position, due to nascent PTSD following the intervention of his caravan in the worldwide Hoenn Rescue mission, where Ravir teamed up with Steven Stone to try and fend off Kyogre's siege of Slateport. Ravir leaves the position to Machalí, who holds it until the return of Ho-Oh almost two years later.

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