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Ranger Board

The Ranger Board is an organization that oversees some special operations for the Rangers, both the Rangers Academy and the Trainer Class. The Board is semi-independent from both organizations: Board Rangers plan and carry out their own operations, but select for them and report back on them to Erma and to a given territory's Elite Four.

In a very general sense, the Ranger Board organizes mission in a “one problem, one Ranger” fashion, but each operative also recruits on the field both from Ranger Trainers and from locals. Board Rangers have usually two Pokémon each, and use modified Ranger Stylers.


List of members subject to change.

Ranger Partners Jurisdiction
Ranger Evan Pyroar Operated in Fiore, now in Krasnoska.
Ranger Carter undetermined
Ranger Varela Noivern Operated in Emisre and Dalacia until 3726 PE(~7 before Gen1) .
Ranger Amalia undetermined
Ranger Zane undetermined
Ranger Navarro undetermined Operated in Rondovia during the Baronesia investigations ca. 3712.


The names of the main members are all related to the Red Rangers of the Power Rangers franchise, but they can also include references to other characters. Their partner Pokémon also reference their status as Power Rangers via their animal motif, job motif, weapon, or Zord.

  • Evan after Cole Evans (PRWF)
    • His Pyroar references the WF Ranger's Lion Zord
  • Carter after Carter Grayson (PRLR)
    • His Wartortle references Carter Grayson's occupation as a firefighter
  • Varela after Gina Varela, the actress for Charlie (PRSPD) has a partner Noivern after the Ranger's association with villain Broodwing
  • Amalia after Amelia Jones (PRCF) and Amalia from Infinity Train
  • Zane after Shane Clarke (PRNS)
    • not after Zhane (PRIS) who is a non-Red Ranger
  • Navarro after Tyler Navarro (PRDC)

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