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Quickie "The Same But Different"

This is basically a quick list of things that differentiate this verse from other common / canon ‘verses, intended for quick reference and explanation, as well as a sort of selling point.

  • The 'verse in general is a mix and match of various canons, including the PMD side games and the TCG, but is also reference-rich and homage-rich, featuring various adaptions of concepts from other franchises I like, in particular videogames. In particular, all the Anime movies at least up to M14 are “canon” in the sense that the overall plots happened in one form or another.
  • The Pokéworld is “Earth-like” in the large scale, and geographical landmarks exist that resemble those of our IRL world, but the location and shape of the continents is overall different and has changed notoriously over the eras. In particular, I follow an interpretation of the world closer to the anime World Map in the Unova seasons.
  • There are other worlds and Dimensions, but they are not the focus or within the scope of most of my stories to explore. In particular, there exists the canonPMD “world” or “dimension”, separate to the “normal” Earth-like one.
  • Energy has Types and Pokémon are biologically built to interact with Types in a discrete manner, thanks to dedicated organs or structures (latter in the case of inorganics) that siphon and collect Typed Energy. This concept is overall drawn from the TCG.
  • Pokémon species are sapient, though the degree of sapience varies within and across species and they are still “definitively not human”. Some Pokémon even get to develop their own form of civilizations under their own rule, which receive the in-universe name of Sovereignties.
  • Pokémon can be, in certain ways, accepted as citizens in human societies, and in the same way humans can be, up to a point, considered members of Sovereignties.
  • Myths might not be the truth™, but they do have some foundation in it. For example, while Arceus did not create the universe, he did create at least one galaxy and for that matter he did create all Pokémon life. Humans themselves are not a creation of Arceus, however.
  • Pokémon go train with humans largely on their own accord, following developments and reinterpretations of the myths described in the Canalave Library (eg.: when humans seek help, Pokémon will present to them in the tall grass). There is a strong, but not all-encompassing, culture of Pokémon Training both in human and Pokémon civilizations.
  • Besides Pokémon, both animal and plant Earth-like life exists (plant life is more or less a given in the anime and games already, so this is not much of a stretch). There is enough diverse biomass to support humans and Pokémon and everybody.
  • Legendary Pokémon are not pushovers in general, with some of them being pretty much undefeatable in 6-on-1 sanctioned battle, and the difference in power between various Legendaries is as wide as the one between a trained and a wild Pokémon. In particular, events such as the Kyogre-Groudon confrontation featured in the Generation Ⅲ games were far from the “staring contest” uneventful and peaceful cutscenes we saw in Emerald and closer to a (failed, fortunately) ELE event.
  • Depending on the period of history and the locality, certain Legendary Pokémon are worshipped and revered as highly as deities or demons, or in a more “earthly” manner as rulers of a whole kin of Pokémon. For example, Zygarde and Rayquaza were / are considered “masters” of draconic Pokémon, whereas Reshiram and Zekrom are considered as their closest-to-Pokéarth “deities” instead.
  • As part of shared worldbuilding and cross-referencing, this 'verse shares an amount of elements with PEFE1), of which I am member and developer, and the WAAPT Multiverse of which I am also member. Whether the WAAPT Multiverse is actually connected to the Suocéverse is, as of 2016, still in the works.
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Sourced from the Suocéverse Primer.
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