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This article deals with Suocéverse Lore and other background elements.
It should be considered semicanon, subject to change as the Pokémon franchise delivers more content.
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The term “Protector” is a distinction given to certain specimens of Legendary Pokémon across at least the The Present Era of the Pokémon 'verse. It refers to those Pokémon who over the era have guarded over the larger realms of the Pokémon World, such as Kanjoh (Kanto, Johto) against larger threats, and for that purpose enjoyed a power higher or more unique even among their kin.

During the The Present Era the term “Protector” was applied to at least the latest three generations of Ho-Oh and Lugia including the current specimens. After the Day of Departure of current Ho-Oh and Lugia, the term fell in disuse for a while, but regained its significance with the latest skirmishes between regions such as the war that Unova took part of some years before G1. With the return of the Protector Duo to their perch in Ecruteak Town in yr. 3736, the position of Protector returns with full force.


It is not known (not determined) what determines a Legendary specimen's position as a Protector, nor where does the nomination and the power with it come from; what is determined is that the position of Protector is assigned to a Legendary specimen who has been at least partially raised for the role or has shown dedication in its observation of the joint Human-Pokémon realms. Once the position of Protector is assigned, the specimen remains as such until they retire by relinquishing their power to another member of their kin, or in the worst cases by facing crippling injury or death. It is also known that Ho-Oh and Lugia dit not lose their position as Protectors when they relinquished their perches during the Day of Departure.

The power given to a Protector consists various bonuses to their constitution and lifespan among other things, with the “natural” lifespan of a Protector Lugia bordering the 800 years. Their elemental sensitivity is increased greatly, allowing them to block or deflect attacks far before they reach them. Besides the special property of some Legendary Pokémon of EX Branding their acolytes or chosen ones, Protector have the special ability to “spawn”, during their lifetime, one set of Pokémon of certain species associated to them via a mechanism known as Promotion (because it “promotes” Pokémon from lesser species to the ones subservient to the specific Legendary, as is the case with the Eeveelutions deceased in the Ecruteak Towers fire).

Protectors have a special kind of awareness that informs them if any of their acolytes is summoning them even from continents away, trait which is displayed when Ho-Oh and Lugia each leave one of their feathers to be used as a last resort summoning mechanism were the Kanjoh realm face danger.

Lore-wise, it might be established that the existence of the position of Protector itself derives from the campaigns earlier members of the Legendary species carried out to help the world recover during the Rain from the Heavens crisis, and as such the Legendary groups of Xerneas, Yveltal, for example, would be viable candidates.

In the Suocéverse's PMD dimensions there would also be Protectors, which would be designated in a different manner.

Protectors of Kanjoh

    • One undetermined female specimen (origin undetermined).
    • Shiranui (presumed origin Ransei).
    • Ho-Oh (Ransei).
    • Potentially Nix in the far future (presumed origin Caledoria).
    • One undetermined female specimen (origin undetermined).
    • One undetermined male specimen (origin undetermined).
    • Lugia (Shamoutli).
    • Potentially Pleo in the far future (presumed origin Navel Rock).

Unconfirmed Protectors


While not equivalent, the concept of “Protector” as it is used in the Suocéverse largely draws from the concept and designation of Legendary Pokémon as “Protector” in SpitefulMurkrow's Fledglings (“Fledglingsverse”).

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