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Proofreading Notes

As with any writer worth their salt I can't do all the work alone. My thanks go to those who have volunteered to proofreading my works.

General notes on implementation and etiquette for proofreaders, betas and editors:

Document Access

Working documents with the capability to edit (inplace edit, not necessarily versioned) or comment (annotations) will be hosted on the following platforms in decreasing order of preference and depending on feasibility for and/or previous arrangement with the proofreaders:

Note that other than Zoho Docs, none of the above sites require having an account in order to annotate or edit documents that are shared in edit mode.

View-only links can also be shared via the above or via pastebin services. Docfiles on a word processor (*.odt or *.rtf) can also be shared via email and similar means, at the request of the proofreader.

Chat Access

I'm available for longer-term, live commentary on proofreading on my XMPP account ( Other XMPP handles can be provided for PMs or for chatrooms.

I may or may not be available other times in third-party platforms with corporate TOS such as chats on Tumblr, Reddit, DeviantArt or Discord, but they are not to be taken as primary or binding sources for commentary or edition, and I take no obligation to be available or respond timely.


  1. The link you are provided might inherit edit access that depending on the platform may be irrevocable; please do not share it indiscriminately.
  2. If you are going to provide inplace edits, please mark your edits, with eg.: strikethrough (eg.: “old text new text”), color, etc…, at your preference.
  3. Comments might need to be deleted as pass-overs and reuploads of content are made. Please do not take this as a sign that your comment was ignored.


By default, contributors are mentioned and credited. If for any reason you don't want to be credited, lemme know in advance. If you previously edited as anonymous but now have an account and/or screen name, let me know so I can credit you accordingly.

Notes for Guest Starring and Proofreaders: Starting May 2020 in order to be linked to in your credits you need to have any one of the following:

  • A user handle in the same platform of publication.
  • A user handle in Archive of our Own.
  • A user handle in a Mastodon, Friendica or Pleroma instance.

This is mostly to avoid bumping against anti-spam and anti-advertising rules in the widest array of platforms possible.

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