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The period of time understood as “The Previous EraTimeline of the Suocéverse preceded what is understood as the The Present Era and can be understood as late prehistory of sorts. It covers a time period starting ~17000 yrs in the past before GenⅠ/Ⅲ and reaching up to about 3700 years in the past, shortly before the Kalos War. This era saw the fall of ancient human and Pokémon civilizations including the Alakagross Civilization or the Ghost Sinn Ring and the rise of new nascent forms of civilization, all of them marked by a cataclismic period known as the Rain from the Heavens.

It is predated by the ????th Era (to be determined).


Timeline of the Suocéverse
and creation
Early Eras Previous Era The Present Era The Future™!
:?: Purge
War of the Warring Triad
Arrival of Humans
"The Vow"
Destruction Rain
Day of Departure
Founding of Suocé
Mainline Events


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