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Pokémon per-Species Trivia

A listing of various trivia entries, semi-canon worldbuilding propositions and minor details about the various Pokémon in the setting of the Suocéverse, as well as headcanon general.

Entries sorted by species' base morph, National Pokédex Number.


Of all bird Pokémon, Fearow holds the record for highest stable flight altitude for over 180 years. Commercial airliners plan around the recorded flight paths of species like Fearow and Dragonite.


Sandshrew have deceptively long tongues that they can use to catch small bugs fluttering nearby.

Trainer Sandshrew and Sandslash can be dedicated problem-solvers, climbing to furniture and utilities in homes and eventually figuring out how to open everything from fridges to washing machines.


Some Nidoran in their childhood carry a parasite that makes their blood more visible under certain kinds of UV lights. It is partly because of this parasite that the species as a whole uses burrowing as a protection mechanism.



Cubone, and to a larger extent Marowak, give names to their clubs and identify themselves by the name they give their club. A Marowak that loses their club is forced to recover it or to find another one, in which case they also change their name.


In a peninsular region somewhere south of Kanto / Poké!Japan, Blaziken are trained in the national martial arts and they even develop advanced techniques for them. It is the greatest achievement of a martial arts school to train a Blaziken in the “Oshiki Hou-ou kyaku”, the ōgi (“succession / secret technique”) of the nation's traditional martial arts.


Up to a decade before the events of G3, Aggron was the primary cause of death for Trainers and workers in cave systems in the region of Hoenn.


Because their shell obstructing their vision and mobility, wild Shelgon usually wander into caves looking for crystal formations or water holes they can use as poor mirrors in order to inspect their own outer shells. In the wild, a Shelgon can go over six months not knowing that their shell has a scratch or is painted with dried blood from a previous fight.

Bagon from the continent where Unova and Orre are located in (basically Poké!NorthAmerica) have a custom in the wild where they take as their name their clutch order under their mother. For example, Taverna's birth name is “Three-claw [third hatching] of Two [second clutch] of Rockslide [mother's name]”.

Upon evolving into the Salamence morph, a Bagon will then discard this name and take instead the name of the hurdle or trial they had to overcome to become a Salamence, or the trial they overcame as the first demonstration of their power as a Salamence. As such, Taverna picked this name after he killed a Pokefutures hit squad in the tavern where he used to live.


Luxray can power up their sight to the point they can block twisting of the photon path due to gravity within a very small spatial range around them. This allows them to scout and detect the portals left open by creatures such as Lampent, as well as find the locations where psychic Pokémon have teleported from (but not to).


The spikes in Druddigon's arms and tail routinely grow and develop serrated ridges; even peaceful Druddigon need to develop a ritual of blunting them off or performing mock combat to prevent them from developing into a sharper state where they would be harmful to others of their kind, or to friendly creatures (such as humans).


In some karst cave systems in Poké!Asia, Morelull gather in enormous clusters that naturally build into “sleep traps” for any species wandering nearby. It is suspected that unknowingly drilling into some such cave systems caused the disappearance of an entire research team in the Kolskaya Hellhole event.

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