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Egg Groups

Egg Groups are biological categories that Pokémon species are slotted into that determine which species can they interbreed with.

The mechanical details of egg groups in the franchise mainline are at Egg Group.


The Pokémon are slotted into the following egg groups as of Gen Ⅷ:

# Name Identifier Description
1 Monster Monster or kaiju like
2 Water 1 Amphibious
3 Bug Insectoids
4 Flying Avians
5 Field Mammal / Terrestrial
6 Fairy Small, cute, moe
7 Grass Plant-like
8 Humanlike Fullu Bipedal
9 Water 3 Aquatic invertebrates
10 Mineral Inorganic
11 Amorphous Indeterminate form, ghosts, etc
12 Water 2 Piscine
13 Ditto Ditto
14 Dragon Draconic
15 Undiscovered Unbreedable

A species, or rather an evolutive stage, can belong to up to two (2) Egg Groups.

This categorization introduces a number of problems because there is no clear distinction between the various values and Pokémon can belong to more than one at a time, for example the fact that Anorith can interbreed with Archen despite they belonging to entirely different clades, as well as the infamous “Hot Skitty on Wailord Action”.

In the Suocéverse

Information in development and subject to change

For purposes of the Suocéverse, egg groups are somewhat more restricted, and even then in the wild breeding is restricted to one's own species, with most cases of inter-clade breeding only being viable in the laboratory.

The the Suocéverse, a species (as a whole) at any given time belongs into one of the following egg categories depending on what is the “major” component of their biology:

# Name Identifier Description
1 Fungii Bacteria or Fungal life
2 Plant Vegetal life
3 Insect Non-aquatic bugs in general
4 Reptilian Reptiles
5 Mammal Mammal / Terrestrial
6 Mineral Crystalline or otherwise mineral core
7 Object Objects, in particular man-made
8 Manifestation Ectoplasm, ghost, or object/creature-possessing miasma
9 Exclusive Creatures that can only breed with their own kind
10 Nonbreedable Nonbreedable

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