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Pokefutures (note the lack of é) is a multinational corporation and conglomerate that exists in the Suocéverse prior to the events of G1/G3. They performed studies on Pokémon in search to release products that would realize a closer bond between the two classes. In reality, they turned out to be an evil corporation torturing and studying Pokémon for their own goals.


This section deals with events not yet published in Suocéverse canon (as of the last update of this article).

Pokefutures was born, metaphorically speaking, from the rubble that was left after the extermination of the Rienna Valley Sovereignty in late ~3650s. The Emisre big pharmas behind the infiltration of the government and the purge of the Sovereignty dissolved into the shadows and migrated away from Emisre and into the neighbour region of Angela, where they eventually reshaped themselves into the form of a corp taking the name “Pokefutures”.

Over the next 40 years and thanks in no small part to the resources obtained from looting the Sovereignty and draining the Emisre government, Pokefutures stockholders and researchers fortified the company and stretched its reach into various ventures and scientific fields, until Pokefutures itself became a multinational MegaCorp entrenched in the research environments of nations from Orre to Sinnoh. Because of their tremendous reach, other companies faced lot of trouble trying to compete in the various fields, though this ended bringing up the development of technologies such as Project Digimon by Silph Co..

Much as Pokefutures was widely believed to be in the study and development of various technologies to create a greater bond between humans and Pokémon, the veil of the economical and technological bonanza was lifted painfully in 3728 PE, shortly before the events of G1/G3. After an infiltration by Trainers who had tracked poaching activity to Angela, Pokefutures' true nature was exposed as they were revealed to be behind severe, systematic ethics violations on both humans and Pokémon, primarily Pokémon, who were caged and experimented upon. Pokefutures' true nature revealed to the world at large took down not only the corporation but also the entire nation of Angela, whose economical standing was almost fully dependent on the income generated by the multinational.

RBy the time right before the awakening of the Warring Triad, various law enforcement agencies were conducting worldwide hunts for Pokefutures assets, including their staff, whose knowledge and research data was believed to be critically dangerous to the stability of the world. Eventually some of the captured technological resources were handed over to Project PEFE with the goal of doing what was possible to regain the trust of not only the various nations, but also the Sovereignties.

The most solid components of former Pokefutures remained at large and established themselves in Orre, becoming the special team Cipher.

Known Members

Jeffrey Beranzos

Jeffrey was the effective CEO of the Conglomerate before “S” started attacking, and was the promoter and financist for most of the experimentation carried out on humans, where he also attended some of the demonstrations personally.

He also had a number of personnel dedicated to legislative ventures in order to remove most worker and union protections in various countries in the continent, including Unova, and funded the campaigns of a few politician candidates on Angela and Dalacia.

His whereabouts after the board put Albert Voynich (below) as CEO as a scapegoat are undetermined, but it is known from leaked files that at one point he was to be targetted by assassin “S” due to the involvement of his mother in some cleanup operations post-Rienna.

Albert Voynich

Albert was the CEO of the Conglomerate during the Fall. He had been put on the position as a scapegoat by the board, who saw “S” moving onto them. However, he turned the tables and managed to have most of the board delivered for their arrest during the Fall, while he himself escaped to Orre and later disappeared.

Madeline Kern

To be determined

Reámus Delmonte

Reámus was the CFO of the Conglomerate during the Fall. Seeing the mounting pressure as investigations reached into the Emisrean government, he attempted to steal a number of assets from the Corporation and use them to buy safe passage into Dalacia, threatening to unveil information that could take down their space program if they did not host him.

Reámus was killed by border officers while trying to enter the country illegally when the Dalacian LineStar Board, responsible for the program, called his bluff.

Saoul Ransackler

Saoul was a lawyer and was later promoted to member of the Pokefutures board sometime before 3723. He authorized a number of espionage operations on competitors and was one of the people driving the business exchanges in Kanto to make sure Silph Co. could not compete with Pokefutures.

Saoul had to retire from the board due to a degenerative nerve disease in 3726, previous to the unveil of most of Pokefutures machinations. He went on to try and sell his expertise to a few Pokefutures offshots, but eventually tired out of the splinter cells and the attention he had gotten from the media, and took a definitive retirement in Kalos protected by an army of lawyers.

Camus Albrond

Camus was a young security officer of Unova descent, working his way up the totem pole by carrying out smuggling operations for the Corporation and getting rid of journalists and of Angelan government auditors. Because of his growing experience, Pokefutures had selected him to become the lead of a new operation projected for 3738 PE(~5 after Gen1) that would carry out the purge of Mount Piutá and its Sovereignty.

When the documents related to Pokefutures plans were released to the public, Albrond and a few fellow security officers attempted to take some Corporation officers in and smuggle them out of the country as part of a secret deal with Kalos's Flare Corporation, in exchange for weaponry with which to deal a preemptive strike against Piutá. Before the exchange could take place, his position was found by an unnamed assassin, presumed to be "S", who killed Albrond and the rest of the officers in order to obtain some shipment invoices and security codes they were carrying.

Known Associates

Morato Thiel

Morato was a technology counselor for the Corporation and at some point was candidate for hiring as a CTO. He was in charge of bookkeeping, blackmail and buyouts and oversaw an important amount of money being moved in the country of Emisre.

Thanks to his involvement in the least publicized branches of Pokefutures, and judicious use of his money and contacts, Morato escaped the Fall mostly unscratched. He went off to develop a new technological venture, Palantir, which he sold to the Unovan government after the events of Generation 5.

Ellarion Dusk

Ellarion is an engineer and technology developer who frequently traded services with Pokefutures' technology branches in order to pursue various ventures. He largely saw Pokefutures as an endless supplier of money he could manipulate to his own ends, which consisted of a lifelong dream to develop a space arms race and seat himself as the primary (and only) power broker for it, basically “encasing the entire world into my own personal war cage”.

At some point after 3737, Ellarion tried to buy out internet communication company Chattr, but the deal resulted in deep investigations into his background and that of the company, revealing both their ties to previous Pokefutures history. Because of this, a few countries such as Dalacia and Poké!Tijuana launched an international initiative to standardize instead open internet messaging protocol Textacaulodos (used by services such as toot) in 3738.

Scott Manchester

Scott was a member of one of Pokefutures' subsidiaries in the area of telecommunications and was tasked with marketing for the branch. He became aware of his subsidiary's real nature sometime ca. 3726 due to “S”'s attacks.

Shortly before the Fall, Scott and a number of marketing and telecommunications personnel fake defected the Corporation under the guise of launching a family corp in Poké!Canada dedicated to improving communications in the harsh environment. Thus shielded from most of the bad publicity and aftereffects from the Fall, Scott went on to become a collaborator to the Frontier Brain association, who had decided to take up some of Pokefutures' discarded plans for their own convenience.

Scott started tracking down Jirachi as part of Project "Apple of Eden", as he believed the Pokémon's power could be used to feed a network of satellites and force everyone to become obedient consumers of the Frontier Brain's products.

Judy Mirkavis

Judy was a scientist and public relations consultant for some of the Corporation's subsidiaries. She would be brought up to create fake test trials for the subsidiaries' products in the areas of health and agriculture, as well as to take part of fake committees. She would also build up a number of fake news and intentionally discredited medical clains, in order to build up public concerns over competitor products or developing technologies and give the Corporation enough time to develop legal and technical safeguaurds around them.

Newton Graceland

Newton Graceland was the lead developer of the original Megarig project, and had been hired by one of Pokefutures' subsidiaries to further develop the project and finance i using some new inventions resulting from the technology.

When Newton and his assistant, Zero, learned that Pokefutures was making use of the technology to augment the Megarig into a battle-capable spaceship, he stole most of the data he had used from his original formulas and developments and destroyed most of the databanks containing his research. What he could salvage he hid in the Dimension World, to which he had gained access by the time by undetermined means.


Pokefutures' existence and actions are, in a meta sense, the foundation behind much of the recent chronology of the Suocéverse. The very circumstances behind the creation of the company led to the destruction of the Rienna Valley Sovreignty and with it to the abandonment of Isla Triángulo, which itself prompted Rayquaza to migrate there form the Arctic Circle.

The purge also left at least two survivors, who would later resurface and employ specialist saboteour “S” to carry out surgical strikes against the megacorp.

During the time Pokefutures was active it was a great contender in most scientific and civil research fields, prompting competitors like Silph and Devon to give their all, eventually originating important projects such as Porygon and Castform. It might also be that part of the reasoning behind Giovanni's commissioning of Mewtwo was to have a weapon to use in case Pokefutures tried to use their influences to take over Kanto.

After the Fall, many of the Pokefutures assets tried to make a run for it and hide, hoping to sell their technology and capabilities to other “evil teams” brewing at the time. Their influence led to Galactic Technology Systems to research ways to neutralize the Lake Trio; their largest offshots restructured themselves by joining Cipher and giving them the technology for Shadowification; some of their test designs were employed by the Determinants of Baronesia to hold an entire city hostage as a showcase for a worldwide criminal bid; and some of their assets developed Project Megarig with the purpose of taking down high-tier Legendaries such as Rayquaza (which ends up with the destruction of Mirtadenal City) and Giratina and Lugia (which ends up essentially bringing up the events of M2 and M11).

The very reveal of Pokefutures' existence also spurred some Legendaries back into action: in particular, the regent Muskedeer Trios of Cadrícea and Unova rallied their followers into carrying out a military invasion of the regions of Suocé/Caledoria and Angela; fortunately those situations were defused by a number of high-ranking Trainers who sought parlay with those Trios, most notably Alder (in Unova) and Nadia Shepard (in Suocé). Others were not so lucky - as one of the Legendaries that protected the the neighbour regions to Orre fell prey to Cipher's tremendously increased power, eventually being turned into Shadow Lugia.

By the time of the events of G2/G4, the hunt for Pokefutures assets is still ongoing, with a crisis that has established itself to be similar to the crisis that the reveal of HYDRA caused in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. With a number of Pokefutures offshots increasing their presence, the world faces dangerous and almost apocalyptic situations every one or two years.

About the only good things that can be said to have come from the activities of Pokefutures were the birth of the PEFE organization to try and contest the damage, and the strengthening of relationships between Pokémon and humans in regions such as Unova, which led to the nomination of Champion Alder.


Pokefutures as an organization originates from WAAPT and shares much of its background with it, up to and including being the ultimate originators of the PEFE project in-universe.

The lack of an é in Pokefuture's name is meant to represent their utter disrespect towards Pokémon.

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