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Pokémon Variations

Pokémon can change themselves or be born or created with particular differences from the norm of the species. There are a number of Pokémon variations by type (not necessarily by Type), some of them from canon and others are Suocéverse-specific.

In general Variations are categorized in two scales:

  • Whether the change is transient (will “run out” by itself or can be dispelled), or persistent (long-term lasting up to definitive for the specimen's lifetime).
  • Whether the change is individual (selects and applies to only a limited / countable set of individuals) or general (applies over a population).

Pokémon Variations Individual variation Population variation
Temporary / Short-term

Intrinsic / Long-term

  • Subtypes (eg.: “Alolapix”)
  • Regional variations (eg.: climate adaptations)
  • Spawn variations (eg.: Dream World Pokémon)
  • Mystery Dungeons' “spawniness”

Worldbuilding Elements

Published Material

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