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Timeline of the PMD World

This is a general timeline of events in the Suocéverse's mainline PMD World. It incorporates some elements from the PMD games up to Gates to Infinity.

Times are relative to epoch RT (marking the events of Rescue Team) unless explicitly stated otherwise.

All content starting here is subject to modifications via canon lore or events that can be introduced in later generations, and should be considered flavour text, not fully committed as canon to the Suocéverse.
As written at the moment of the latest revision, the chronology takes into account primarily elements up to Generation Ⅴ.

Far Past

  • In the very far past, humans had some form of access to this world, enough that they could try to establish a few settlements and facilities.
  • An undetermined event happened which resulted in the Lake Trio placing a cosmological barrier around a number of dimensions, including the PMD Dimension. With this barrier in place, humans could no longer exist in the PMD world at least in human form.
    • As humans either returned to their worlds or disappeared, their existence became part of myth.
  • Far into the past, an ancient Pokémon civ built Temporal Tower in order to house a mechanism for the Time Gears.
  • An undetermined time after the above, the Dark Matter appeared for the first time leading to the events in Super's far backstory.

Ancient History

  • Around thousands of years ago: An undetermined entity introduces the seed of the Bittercold into the PMD World and sets it to grow. This is referenced by Girŋ·neryá in Dangerous Upgrade .
  • Thousands of years ago: Dialga and Palkia have the Time Gears removed from Temporal Tower due to the tower's state of general disrepair. Most of the Gears were hidden in special locations in the Grass Continent.
  • Hundreds of years ago: Kyurem finds the seed of the Bittercold and, enthralled by the future it promises, moves it from its original location over to the Glacial Palace, where he acts as a guard for it.
  • Hundreds of years ago: Eriš·keryá and Girŋ·neryá first arrive into the PMD World from an undetermined world or dimension. They hide in the Worldcore and the Jaws of the Abyss respectively.
  • In order to deal with some events going on, a spell was cast that would bring a human into the PMD world. Due to the barrier erected by the Lake Trio, humans who were transported became Pokémon themselves upon entering the PMD Dimension. A few mystic Pokémon kept this knowledge and humans were brought into the world a few times over the centuries, leading to the presence of humans becoming a myth.

Contemporary History

  • Around RT: The events of Rescue Team take place.
  • Around RT: Erish and Girng are informed, presumably by the Tree of Life, of the existence of the Bittercold in the world.
  • At most RT+140: Grovyle (PMD) arrives to this point in time but loses track of Minto. Grovyle goes into hiding and sets out to complete his task of retrieving the Time Gears, and eventually becomes a renowned bandit of the era.
  • At most RT+150: The events of Explorers take place.
    • Dalvin moves over from the coasts of Lake Afar to Treasure Town and finds the Hidden Relic on the road.
    • Minto appears near Treasure Town as a Bulbasaur and no idea where he came from. he is found by Dalvin who is looking for housing in the area, kickstarting the plot of Explorers.
    • Minto and Dalvin eventually join forces with Grovyle in order to reach the Hidden Land, one of the points in the PMD World that grants access to Temporal Tower.
    • Minto and Dalvin fight off Primal Dialga in an attempt to place the Time Gears on the tower. They fail a few times but thanks to Grovyle and Dusknoir altering the timeline in the future, they gain enough leverage to succeed in further attempts.
  • Around Explorers +5: with Minto and Dalvin retiring from leadership, Ŝafo and Parquer become the leaders of Team Solarz.
  • Around Explorers +10: the Lietre Guild is founded in the Grass Continent.
  • Around Explorers +10: the Electrike packs in Amp Plains are forced to migrate out of their homeland due to various outlaw hunting expeditions in the area.
  • At most RT+170: The events of Gates take place.
    • Around Gates -20: Volyrina is kicked out of her Axew clan in the Mist Continent after she goes into one too many fights with the colony leaders.
    • Around Gates ~10: Gamañel first arrives to Post Town and sets up shop there.
    • ~10 years before the events of Dangerous Upgrade : Eriš·keryá casts a specialized spell in the Worldcore allowing her to summon humans from other dimensions while retaining the core of their soul, attributes that allow them to “count” as humans, which she does in order for them to be able to fight off the Bittercold.
    • In the successive years, most of the humans who arrive are hunted down and killed by Munna and Kyurem.
    • ~12 months before Dangerous Upgrade : Feremiz arrives into the PMD World and becomes a Tepig, starting the adventures representative of the plot in Gates.
  • Up to RT+180: Dalvin becomes a councilmember of Blizzard Islands.
  • Up to RT+250: The events of Super take place.


Undetermined Future:

  • At most one generation after Explorers: the events of Beyond Today take place. Gesta meets Dalvin in a quest, and the latter is summoned to a meeting with Dialga.
  • At most one generation after Gates: Volyrina completes Paradise Town.
  • At most at Super +10: Dalvin evolves into an Empoleon. He takes up Dialga's offer for a place as one of the guards blocking access to the Museum Dimension. (Hinted at in Beyond Today )

Explorers's Dark Future:

  • Around Explorers +200: Minto and Grovyle (PMD) first arrive into the PMD world from another dimension. They somehow break through the cosmological barrier such that Minto remains a human for some time in the PMD World.
  • Minto and Grovyle learn of the decay of the world and are assured by Celebi that retrieving the Time Gears from the past will fix the timeline.
  • Travelling into the past, Minto and Grovyle are intercepted and attacked by Darkrai (PMD). The resulting attack dispels the protection Minto had against the Lake Trio's cosmological spell, and upon arriving to the timeframe of Explorers Minto becomes a Bulbasaur.
  • Grovyle (PMD) drags Dusknoir back into this timeline during their combat in the Explorers timeframe. Here they are pursued by Primal Dialga's followers.
  • Grovyle and Dusknoir attempt to raid Temporal Tower in order to buy Minto enough time in the past to place all the Time Gears. Grovyle and Dusknoir are defeated, but Minto fixes Temporal Tower, resulting in this timeline being erased.
  • An undetermined deity (hinted in the games to be Arceus) restores this timeline after Dialga strikes a deal with it.

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