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PMD World

The “PMD World” or “Mystery Dungeon World” is the world as portrayed in the Pokémon Mystery Dungeon subfranchise.


The world follows in large part the organization of continents as seen in Pokémon Super Mystery Dungeon. Since the world map present in-game only covers around half the world when projected and it is missing the poles, there's plenty room for non-canon locations.

The continents seen in the games in particular exist and have a similar layout and alignment as seen in Super: Air Continent, Grass Continent, Water Continent, Mist Continent and Sand Continent. The relative distance between the continents however might be altered from what is seen in-game.


The regions or political subdivisions of the PMD world are as described in the PMD games. The “continent-regions” with their names exist as in canon, but no further information is given about their relative organization.


The following are non in-game locations present in the PMD world inn Suocéverse canon:


The PMD world, and potentially its entire encompassing dimension, is protected by a high-concept barrier that prevents humans (and potentially other creatures) from existing within the dimension in that form. This is a feature shared with other dimensions like the one where the Nrafhal Worlds reside.

Because of the barrier, under normal circumstances the only way humans can materialize into this world is by having their body and mind “reset” and re-materialized into the form of a Pokémon. This is the fate that awaits those humans summoned into the world for the plots of the PMD games, such as Minto and Feremiz. There are exceptional cases such as Minto, who accidentally circumvented the barrier due to technically materializing into a “non-canon” timeline, and thus remaining in a human form until he exited that timeline to enter the canon one.


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