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Inkrupte is a small Dark/Bugtentative spider-like Pokémon with the ability to produce a special ink, and is the third canon Suocéverse Pokémon species published.

It does not evolve from or to another Pokémon. It has no alternative formes.

  • Described as the “Bridge-Maker Pokémon”.
  • Category: rare.


»Inkrupte (Pokémon) is a spider-like Pokémon. It has eight legs and curved lateral plaques in its torso that probably once were rudimentary wings. It is just about as large as a young dove. The torso is a black-blue shade covered in black-brown plaques, and the legs are a very dark blue in colour but usually appear dark brown or black due to the compounds Inkrupte stores in them. Inkrupte has four eyes, two of them side-facing.

The torso of this Pokémon can stretch a small proportion of its length, resulting in sliding the torso plaques and exposing more of the back of the Pokémon. When doing so, the plaques slide down to the flanks, revealing their ancestry as atavistic elytra. Inkrupte stretches its body as such in preparation when it wants to reach a faraway surface, or when needing to carry or push around some objects. This stretching is not considered a forme change.

This Pokémon has a gland that runs across their belly, that synthesizes and stores a specially processed ink-like compound from some minerals Inkrupte absorbs. The compound runs through canals covering the belly sides and the upper portion of each leg, at which points it can leave the body via minute openings distributed in rows. Inkrupte uses this compound mostly as the substance behind some moves such as String Shot, serving as a substitute for spider silk, or to infuse the material substance of their moves with energy from their Omnisac, turning those moves into Bug-type moves via the Entomalleation Ability. However the most notable use of this compound is as a special ink for connecting and mapping surfaces, the uses of which are discussed below.

Connecting Ink


Social Behaviour

Inkrupte are highly social creatures that organize themselves in colonies and clusters, symbolically attaching to a large structure such as a boulder, a spire or a lagoon, which they use as the foundation of their colony mapping. They tend to prefer to build their colonies at the floor or by the side of tall waypoints of the terrain, such as tall trees or rock spires, that they can then explore and instrumentalize to watch over their surroundings.

These Pokémon organize themselves and take turns fulfilling at least four general roles: gatherer, tracker / marker, defender and rusher. The tracker role is tasked with exploring beyond the visual reach of their colony's waypoint and using their capabilities for traversing the terrain, looking for changes, tracking the movements of nearby creatures, and building ink bridges or ink markers to secure spots of interests for rushers and gatherers. The defender role is the combatant role, tasked with fighting or scaring off threats that reach from the waypoint and breach into the colony. The rusher role is tasked with fending off anything that might disrupt ink markers or accesses outside of the colony.

A fair degree of social mobility exists between the defender, tracker and rusher roles, depending on the population distribution of the colony and the season of the year; whereas the gatherer roles are assigned for large portions of an individual's lifetime.

Because they venture further outside in their roles, trackers and gatherers make the majority of Inkrupte attached to Trainer teams.

An Inkrupte in the gatherer or rusher role, when going alone or only in company of a small group, will usually hold back during a fight expecting to tag their opponent so that other Inkrupte in the vicinity can detect them and join the fight. The main difference in response between the gatherer and the rusher when such a situation arises is that the gatherer will attempt “hit-and-run” tactics and will where possible abscond with any item or information they have gathered previous to their encounter, whereas a rusher will sacrifice items or advantageous positions to tag their opponent and will do as much as possible so as to cause ruckus and alarm that will attract other Pokémon.

In the wild, some of their primary competition would include Anotchi (Vanozuchi morph), a caterpillar-like Pokémon that has the ability to use its tail to jump or climb surfaces and can thus compete with Inkrupte for reach into high or dangerous places; and small Pokémon with great arboreal mobility such as Mankey or Treecko.

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