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Ñatu is a green bird Pokémon introduced, and later discarded, in the Generation 2 Pokémon betas. It is made canon in the Suocéverse starting with Sabres in the Sandstone . Ñatu is the evolution of Natu and later evolves into Xatu.


Ñatu's sprite from the
Generation 2 betas

Ñatu differs from Natu in the presentation of various features. Natu's original round body changes to a more oval-shaped, traditional bird form with a recognizable neck. The single feather crest in the head remains but is now planted in the occipital area instead of on top of the head like it was in Natu. The wings and the legs are also now longer, and the beak has a curved end. Ñatu has four distinct long tail feathers standing on end, not much unlike the ones on a peacock.

Like Natu, Ñatu is capable of psychic powers, although they are noticeably more developed. Ñatu is capable of some forms of divination and perception, and with some effort they can use techniques such as Teleport.

One important behavioural change from Natu (and Xatu) is that while Ñatu have a more developed psychic ability intended for introspection, they are rather vain Pokémon that like to gather and show off their growing form as well as their perceptive ability. They do this by tracking objects and people that are outside a direct line of sight, and by forming lines of birds that perfectly mimic the motions of their target as an eidetic display intended to ward off intruders.

In the Suocéverse, the entire Natu species is native to the regions of Caledoria and Suocé, taking from the mainline 'dex entries that state the species is native to South America.


Characters in the Suocéverse who are at the Xatu morph stage, such as Sahlai and Colton's Xatu, are retroactively made to have gone through this intermediate stage, but as of last edition of this document they do not have screentime as a Ñatu proper.

Name Basis

No source was found for a name given to this morph in any of the various leaks. The name “Ñatu” was chosen because in a number of languages in Latin America / South America, the areas of the world where Natu is said to come from, letter Ñ comes right after letter N, and the tilde emphasizes the South-Americanism of the species.


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