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Overdrives, sometimes called Limit Breaks in development stages, is a special element that encompasses the idea of special, superpowered moves much like what eg.: “Z-Moves” or “Sync moves” do in Mainline.

In functional terms, an Overdrive is a specialized move or a Variant Move, designed, trained and practised by an individual. Such moves tend to be powered by Typeless Energy stored in the individual's omnisacs. That is, a Pokémon practising and executing an Overdrive trades off energy that would be otherwise have helped them to heal or to evolve.

The usage of Typeless Energy allows for the resulting move to ignore elemental resistances but at the same time misses the profit from elemental advantages. A sort-of bypass would consist of designing a support-style Overdrive that is used to power up Typed moves.

General Mechanics

  • Charging the energy required for an Overdrive can take days to weeks.
  • Overdrive moves have an important power and damage throughput compared to Typed moves. Comparing to game engine terms, Overdrive moves have a base power in the range of 320 to 400.
  • Overdrives are designed by the individual, and are not passed down to offspring unless by teaching, and can not be reproduced by eg.: Mimic.

Listing of Overdrives

No characters in the Suocéverse have confirmed canon Overdrives at the last update of this article. The following characters are planned to have Overdrives:

Character Overdrive Notes
Chikorita (Adanei) Giant Bloom From the TCG, basically consists of a light-powered energy dome.
Shahinne Vanishing Star A multihit move that transfers Shahinne's capacity for Mach speedups to impact point damage for 3-5 hits.
Squall Revolving Concussion A support move that powers up consecutive hits with the blunt of the bone club, dealing organ-crushing damage.

Cases undecided:

  • Cyanoger would have an Overdrive accessible while in his Supercharge State.
  • Shaun uses a “triple Thunderbolt” move in Built for Risk which operates similar to an Overdrive and could, potentially, be repurposed into one. The main reason against it is that the move is used in an official tournament context.
  • Caolené might have Triple Cutter as an Overdrive mechanic in addition to it being her signature move.

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