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Original Pokémon

Original Pokémon, sometimes called Fakémon are, strictly speaking, non-official Pokémon. The term is usually overloaded to mean any combination of the following: unreleased Pokémon (such as the G2 leaks); disputed Pokémon (such as Pikablu); “assumed” Pokémon (eg.: a common pre-evolutive link between Tauros and Miltank); fan-made Pokémon.

In Suocéverse notation, “Fakémon” is used to denote the same general collective as it is done in franchise canon. In comparison, “Original Pokémon” specifically refers to the concept of fan-made Pokémon made for this canon. Original Pokémon from other fanons are noted as “Fanon Pokémon”.

Officially Published

Camagrur Intro Camagrur is a / Fakémon, and the first Fakémon canon to the Suocéverse. Falgrergenza is its evolved morph. Camagrur is a centipede-like Pokémo…
Falgrergenza Falgrergenza is a centipede-like / Fakémon that is the evolved form of Camagrur. Falgrergenza is a centipede-like Pokémon that lives in both dee…
Teroraga PokeCommunity Teroraga is a / Fakémon, the first original design of the Suocéverse (and second one canonized). It is a fossil Pokémon that would have i…
Trooibossa PokeCommunity Trooibossa is an original Suocéverse Pokémon. It's a / type Pokémon based on prehistoric raptors and the evolved form of Teroraga. Tro…

In Development

This is a listing with information related to Fakémon in the Suocéverse that is already at an advanced enough stage to be compiled and published as in-development material. :!: Some content here is accessible only by registered users with the early_access role, eg.: registered Beta Readers.

Devel Note:
more development and in-progress notes available at original_pokémon (requires login).

Other Fakémon Ideas

These ideas are in a far less advanced stage, having at best only a draft document, and are only recorded here for receipts on idea origin and development status as per last update to this article:

Fakémon General Foundation Body Color
Cincillon Shelled bug Bug Lime
Harebor Snowball throwing snow hare Quadruped White
Ferintu, Serintun Musical starfish Tentacles Blue
Shurja, Izoker Heatsink goat Quadruped Orange
Idonot, Eidalation Bird with phantom wings Bird Gray
Haiohue Flying Face Head Black
Ponchomocho Alien blob thingy, but friendly! Blob White
Haltone Walking “Intel Inside” chip Bug Brown
Zozuraja, Mugeraja Crystal slug that projects spikes Blob White
Solidum Orb with rotatable plaques Head Orange
Alagan, Silbarbra Sticky snake that attacks with song Serpentine Brown
Llameation Flammable spit alpaca Quadruped Orange
Corpibara Bara centaur copibara, don't say I didn't warn you Quadruped Brown
Alala, Aviliva Moth with pockets Wingbug Blue
Girinitor Druid with hourglass in torso Bipedal Black
Anisopteon Moth-based Bug Eeveelution Quadruped Lime
Letiseeon Barded fox-based Steel Eeveelution Quadruped Teal
Rukstalan Land-based jellyfish with wooden legs Legs Blue
Evevakarx Legendary weapon forger centaur Quadruped White
Rokotróa Legendary information hazard basilisk Serpentine Yellow
Alatreon Special Eeveelution forme Quadruped Purple
Disphyrreon Special Eeveelution forme Quadruped White

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Worldbuilding Elements

Published Material

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