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Old Rasil

Old Rasil is an old, almost abandoned settlement in the top north of the Suocé continent near Onias. It is shown as “Rasin” in the map (sic, misnamed). Rasil is among the oldest settlements in Suocé, hailing from the times where corsairs and explorers would venture into the island and hide caches or set up mining spots in the area.

In the old times before Suocé became a country, Rasil was a mining colony focusing on the extraction of silver and other minerals as well as Bug type Gems. Bug and Grass types coming from the lands to the South focused their interest and activity in the area surrounding Rasil, providing protection for the humans. Back during those times it happened that increased geological activity in the area, coupled with rumors of an “Emperor of the North”, a wild Entei presumably living in the nearby cliffs to the NE, resulted in periodic evacuations and repopulations of Rasin and other nearby, smaller settlements.

Rasin was never really well placed for performing economic trade with any potential neighbours - it was both built up on a hardly accessible place, and it was not close enough to other settlements of note, as back then neither Cuasto or Onias existed. Every once in a while the inhabitants would temporarily migrate with their loot to the location that would later become Cuasto in order to secure their loot and perform trade with some of the explorers that came from the eastern sea.

It is believed that the engagement in trade and mining of Bug-type Gems in the early history of the settlement was a contributing factor in the solidification of the nascent La Plancha Sovereignty. Ironically, with the solidification of the La Plancha Sovereignty, mining activity in Rasil started its decay and many people left for Cuasto. Other activities such as cartography, manufacture of utensils and basic training took its place Near 1180 PE Rasil and other settlements joined forces to host the various immigrants from the southern lands, providing an important amount of tradeable resources for them. Eventually Rasil and the other settlements were aggregated into what became the country of Suocé.

By ~3460 PE the local economy of Rasil and its surrounding area was becoming dormant, with little capability to generate valuable resources of their own. The sheltered location of the settlement, back in a time before the main roads of Suocé were established, was a contributing factor and even when that problem was solved, most of the youth bracket of the population migrated to the east to fund New Rasin near 3510 PE.

Just to add insult to injury, the aftershock of the Grand Cadrícea Earthquake of 3730 and the increased geological activity preceding the Near Apocalypse of 3733 ended up sealing the fate of Old Rasin as a settlement, with both the government and the general population losing interest in its maintenance except as a tourist trap. By Stars of Suocé, both Old Rasin and New Rasin host unofficial Gyms and are submitting them to the official process for signing into the Asapean League in the hopes of revitalizing the old settlement and securing joint development and preservation with the new one.

Presently (by ~3730 PE) Old Rasil has a permanent population of about 700 humans.

See also: New Rasil.

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