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Nadia Shepard

Nadia Shepard is the Champion of the Suocé region and one of the lead characters of Interim. A knowledgeable woman already in her 50s, she is considered the most powerful Trainer of the regional Conference, as well as having held her position of Champion for nearly twenty years. Her team is assembled and designed around the concepts of Sorcery and the supernatural, featuring various Pokémon capable of feats of “mystical” or “supernatural” order not usually available to the common Pokémon. Her starter was a Cleffa and over the years her team has seen a fair amount of rotation, but the same pack of three strong Pokémon comprised by that Clefable, Aleola and Zohchihfa remains.

Nadia is not only powerful as a Trainer, but also counts with the support and trust of the regents of both the Cadrícea Sovereignty (the Cadrícea Muskedeer Trio) and the La Plancha Sovereignty (previous to 3734 PE(~1 after Gen1) , the La Plancha Bug Anteorder).

Nadia is married, though nothing has been decided about the husband as of the last writing of this article.





Character History

This section deals with events not yet published in Suocéverse canon (as of the last update of this article).

Before Champion

Nadia began her career as a Trainer about as late as 3685 The Present Era when Cleffa appeared near the town she was living in. Over time she took part in the Regional Conference, like many other Trainers, but she never reached high performance until she discarded college to instead sign up at an institute in Pradeimie. Over the next few years she started building the theme for her team, which in the beginning was constructed around status moves, enfeeblements and usage of support techniques to impair her opponents in ways they would not be easily able to recover from.

At some point near 3692 she and other Trainers too part in an expedition to the Shrine of Magic, where as a result of combating a few raiding Dragon-types, she would get acquainted with both her future Pokémon Aleola and with the Cadrícean Cobalion who had climbed the mountains to assess the situation. It is presumed this encounter is what pointed Nadia to the ways of training and researching the region that would eventually made her the Champion.

As Champion

Nadia would become the Champion sometime near 3707 PE with strong support from Cobalion and the then runners of the Regional Conference. By that time her expertise in Pokémon Training had already led her to specialize in the ways of “sorcery” and other uncommon abilities.

During her tenure as Champion, Nadia had the responsibility of keeping a (relatively) close relationship with the dignitaries of the local Sovereignties, relationship that basically built upon the reputation and respect she had already developed with those populations. In particular, as a number of Champions before her, Nadia got acquainted and regularly met with the Cadrícea Muskedeer Trio, informed them of various developments in human society and helped reach agreement and carry out edicts by the sovereign during various events.

Near 3727 in the The Present Era, global conglomerate Pokefutures was disbanded and their operations in several countries including Suocé came under attack. Virizion ordained a draft of capable Trainers and Pokémon in the La Plancha Sovereignty to head to the near city of Vys Occasum for a raid; the attempt of a draft caused a severe disconnect between the human populace of the Sovereignty, used to living there peacefully as citizens, and the Pokémon living there who were hoping for an opportunity to live up to the call of their regents. Fortunately for them, Nadia sought parlay with the Muskedeer Trio and convinced them to wait near the city of Cadrícea until the operative of the Elite Four defused the situation.

Following the 3729 Eastern Suocé Board Earthquake, Nadia's team is reported dead under circumstances withheld from the public and the League. She is succeeded in her role by Ravir Eisenhorth. Stars of Suocé reveals this specific chain of succession was one of two possible outcomes Nadia carefully arranged for previous to her death, plans laid out and executed during the events of Interim.

End spoilers.




  • As They Were (voice only)
  • Interim(TBA) (debut; lead character)
  • Stars of Suocé(TBA) (mentioned only)

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