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Mountain of Revival

The Mountain of Revival is a secluded location in the mainline Suocéverse where Ho-Oh sometimes resides. It is largely inspired by Rumble series' Gold Plateau#Revival Mountain (Rumble World, Gold Plateau).

The area is a cave system located in the mountains in the southern area of Krasnoska (aka “Poké!Krasnoyaarsk”). It is undetermined how close the mountains are to any notable human settlements, but it is known that it's reachable by Trainers on foot within at most a few days from their usual routes.


The outer levels of the Mountain are inhabited by Fighting, Rock and Ground Pokémon, such as Tyrogue and Shuckle. The inner areas are inhabited by Fire types like Litleo, Cyndaquil and Slugma. High-evolved morphs such as Typhlosion and Hitmontop are in charge of the inner areas.

The innermost sanctum is a ladder-like cave in one of the mountains leading into a sky-open hollow, in an eroded wall of the mountains. This area is difficult to access and it is where members of the Ho-Oh species sometimes nest.


Protector Ho-Oh was suspected to have hidden in the sanctum for a few decades previous to the events of Generation Ⅰ. There he was accompanied by his mate, their chick Nix, and her caretaker Spectrum.


  • The hollow where Ho-Oh resides appears in Simpler than Magic , though it is not mentioned by name.

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